Thursday 11 April 2024


Book review: Close to Death by Anthony Horowitz (Hawthorne Investigates #5)

I cannot get enough of Anthony Horowitz' brilliant crime novels. I already loved his young adult books, like Alex Rider and The Power of Five, growing up – but his murder mysteries from recent years really surpass my expectations time and time again. And the Hawthorne Investigates series – in which he places a fictionalised version of himself alongside private detective Daniel Hawthorne as an unlikely investigative duo – really is Sherlock Holmes for the 21st century  

Thursday 1 February 2024


Book review: Spell Bound (Phoebe Winchester #2) by Gretchen Rue

At the end of last year I randomly picked up a copy of Something Wicked by Gretchen Rue and it was everything I wanted from a witchy romcom. The story was set in a very quaint town (think Gilmore Girls' Stars Hollow), it had fabulous characters (which included a fluffy feline wringing its way into the protagonist's life), and an intriguing murder mystery to boot. The book screamed adorable and I was absolutely hooked. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I learned it was part of a series and the second novel would be out in the UK just a few months after I read the first.  

Wednesday 24 January 2024


A taste of Calcutta at Paro in Covent Garden

Nearly seven years ago I had the absolute pleasure to review City Spice in Brick Lane. It's still one of my favourite restaurants, and I make sure to take friends to it when they're visiting London. However, it's not very central and I'm not often in Brick Lane these days. So I am thrilled that its executive chef, Niaz Caan, has opened a brand-new Indian restaurant smack-down in the centre of town: Covent Garden. Paro officially opened its doors in October and it's already buzzing.

Thursday 18 January 2024


Book review: The Queen of Poisons (The Marlow Murder Club #3) by Robert Thorogood

It's only January and I've already read one of the best books of the year! The Queen of Poisons – the third instalment in Robert Thorogood's Marlow Murder Club series – was one of my most anticipated novels for 2024 and it didn't disappoint. Main characters Judith, Suzie, and Becks feel like old friends at this stage and I was so delighted to reunite with them for another riotous murder investigation. 

Thursday 4 January 2024


Book review: Return to Half Moon Farm by Holly Hepburn [blog tour]

I fell in love with Holly Hepburn's charming writing after reading The Little Shop of Hidden Treasures last year – and Return to Half Moon Farm has really cemented her as one of my favourite contemporary women's fiction authors. I am thrilled that I've got a few more of Holly's novels to catch up with as her books are the perfect blend of picturesque settings, gentle plot with a dash of drama, and a heart-fluttering romance that makes even the iciest of hearts swoon with delight.