I'm a Dutch girl living in London and I spend the majority of the hours outside of my day job as a Digital Content Editor, sharing things I love with my blog readers, from new books and theatre shows to brands and destinations.

I'm especially interested in working with companies in relation to literature, travel, London culture, and food. When collaborating with a brand, coverage will be in-depth and honest, and will include my own photography.

As of January 2017 I receive 7,500-10,000 visits a month, I have 1,700+ Twitter followers and I've been eyeballed over 1 million times on Google+. My DA is 28.48.

You can also find my reviews on Woman's World (for which I used to be the editor for my day job), Novelicious, Lovereading, Realreaders, Handbag and in Heat Magazine.

Outside of my day job and blogging, I have volunteered for Books on the Underground and The Book Fairies since August 2015 and I previously freelanced for HarperCollins.


I am PR-friendly and if you work on a show, brand, book or destination that you believe aligns with this blog and readership, do have a look at my review policy and then contact me on pagetostagereviews@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!