Thursday 6 March 2014


Therapi Honey Skincare

I love honey; I put it in my tea and on my toast and use the bee elixir extensively in my cooking and baking. Yet despite my adoration for the sticky treat I don't use many beauty products that contain honey as an essential ingredient - especially none that have created their entire brand around it, which is what Therapi Honey Skincare has done. The British organic skincare company was founded by beekeeper of 25 years Tanya Hawkes and she brings a real passion and commitment for the trade to the range of honey-infused beauty products.

The three skincare lines available are purifying Lemon Myrtle for oily and combination skin, nourishing Rose Otto for dry and mature skin, and balancing Orange Blossom for normal skin. Each line also features a honey gel cleanser, facial toner and a moisturiser. Furthermore, Ultra Radiance Cream, which is the company's 'hero' product, uses propolis which aims to rejuvenate the skin through the natural promotion of collagen and elastin synthesis.

I was delighted to try a selection of the products to discover if honey in beauty products is just as enticing as it is in edible treats and the verdict in this case is that it most certainly is. While the gold liquid is not the sole ingredient in the products and as such its flowery sweet fragrance wasn't the first thing I noticed when trying the moisturisers, I did find the Orange Blossom Honey Gel Cleanser suitably floral; I could almost hear the buzzing of the honeybees around me when trying the product. This was a wonderful and effective cleanser to use, both in the evening to take off make-up and in the morning for a refreshing start to the day. It was quick and easy to apply and made my skin feel pleasantly clean and fresh afterwards.

From the moisturisers I instantly fell head over heels in love with the gorgeous Lemon Myrtle variant which had such an amazingly inviting scent; upon receiving the product I found myself opening it again and again just to get a whiff of the fragrance. While intended for oily and combination skin I actually found it worked wonders on my normally dry skin as well, which shows that you should always give a product a try, even if the label makes you doubt if it would work for you. Cold to the touch and light of texture, I found the cream very easy to apply and it absorbed instantly, leaving my face smooth and free of any dry areas for many hours after use.

The Rose Otto Propolis+ Ultra Radiance Cream intended for dry and mature skin had noticeable nourishing qualities too. The delicate rose fragrance was heavenly, but I found the cream quite oily and thick in use - making it more difficult to apply evenly and leaving a faint shiny filter for a few minutes after application. It was perfect for more tough areas, such as elbows and knees, and I assume will be an equally pleasant moisturiser for more mature skin.

I thoroughly enjoyed using these ambrosial products; the soft natural fragrances and organic ingredients are incredibly appealing from a consumer's point of view and personally I've found a new favourite brand I'll certainly be exploring more from in the future. Also commendable is the fact that five per cent of the company's profits are donated to bee conservation projects, which I believe is an incredibly important and worthwhile cause and one that cannot get enough column inches.

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