Thursday 3 April 2014


Bronnley's Citrus collection and Easter collectible tins

I associate spring time with the warming sun tentatively poking through patches of rain clouds, brightly coloured delicate flowers popping up in the most unexpected places and the gentle fragrance of blossoming trees filling the air; and that essence is exactly what Bronnley has captured in some of the products I got to try for this review.

Based on traditional family recipes, the business has been creating luxury soap, fragrances and toiletries in the United Kingdom since 1884 when founder James Bronnley returned from a year studying the art of soap making and perfumery in Paris and borrowed £300 to set up his business from a small shed in Holborn, London. The toiletry brand is now in its 130th anniversary year and for the occasion they have revamped their Citrus collection with subtle reformulations, new products additions and fresh new packaging.

The company is particularly well-known for its lemon soap, which has been in UK households since 1892. Part of the Lemon & Neroli scent range, it doesn't only smell like a lemon, but it looks like one too. As a big fan of fruit-shaped and scented soaps (my previous favourite was one that resembled a juicy slice of watermelon) this was right up my alley. Not only that, but the zesty freshness of the lemon is incredibly suiting, as it makes you feel all nice and clean after use. To expand upon the fun fruit-shaped soaps, the brand also has limes and oranges and I loved the latter as well. Less sharp than the lemon soap, it's the perfect cleaning companion when you feel in a sweeter mood.

The fruity Orange and Jasmine fragrance of the orange soap is mirrored in the other products from the range and the two I got to try - the Bath & Shower Gel and the Eau de Toilette - were both delightful. The beautiful flowery jasmine scent was complimented well by the fruitiness of the orange and mandarin and I found myself opening the bottle just to get a whiff of this heavenly fragrance. Sadly neither of the products are ones where the smell lingers very long, but I'd happily bottle the Orange and Jasmine fragrance as a perfume and spray it all day long. I'm normally not much of a perfume person, but I thoroughly enjoyed this and wanted to douse myself with the scent so it would linger longer than the brief moment after use.

For a little Easter in your home of the non-chocolate variety, Bronnley has created these super cute Daffodils and Tulips collectable tins. The stunning designs fit the season very well and the scent of the soap was gorgeous too; super fresh and delicately floral it reminded me of the lovely smell of freshly laundered sheets. The fragrance was quite strong too, so leaving the tin open in the bedroom gave the whole space an aura of having just been spring cleaned, without any of the hard work. The two limited edition tins would make great gifts, however once you've seen them in person and had the chance to smell the gorgeous scent you'd likely want to keep them for yourself.

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