Wednesday 18 June 2014


Surya Brasil Color Fixation Single Application

One of the most frustrating things is when you go through your entire morning routine and by the end of it, and despite all your efforts, your hair still looks lifeless and limp. A combination of lotions and sprays can only conceal so much until there is nothing left for you but to admit defeat and move on to your final resort: hiding your bad hair day under a hat or scarf. It doesn't have to be such a struggle though, especially in the morning when you're already rushed for work. Treating your locks well every day and helping them along with the occasional restorative mask to hydrates and revitalize them from root to tip can make a world of difference.

And that is where Surya Brasil comes in. The country of origin may currently be dominating the headlines because of the World Cup, but that isn't the only thing they're good at. Surya Brasil is a vegan and cruelty-free body care company and I tried the Color Fixation Single Application, part of a collection of shampoos and conditioners which are to be used after colouring your hair to keep it smooth and radiant and ensure a continued vibrant colour. The deep restorative treatment aims to extend the life of the hair colour with cupuaçú butter and buriti oil, which absorb the sun's ultraviolet rays. The formula is also enriched with rice proteins which should strengthen the cuticle of the hair, restoring shine and manageability.

The first thing I noticed when trying the product was how thick and creamy it was. Much more so than an average conditioner, and lathering it onto my long locks was a very pleasant experience. I already felt like I was treating my hair to an intense mask, rather than going through the normal motions of applying a conditioner after washing it. I also relished the spicy notes in the subtle fragrance emanating from the product, which gave the whole process a warming and calming feeling, and I was almost sad when the five minutes advised on the packaging were up and I had to rinse it out.

As my hair is dyed, I am always excited to try a product that claims to bring out the colour as I do find that even after an intense dyeing process it more often than not loses some of its vividness and shine soon after. Unfortunately I didn't notice the intensification of my hair's colour after using this product, despite this being one of its main selling points. My locks did feel very lush and manageable after use, but not more so than after applying a regular conditioner.

Would I use this product again? Yes. Though I would choose it for its effective hydrating and smoothening qualities rather than expecting it to refresh the colour of my hair. The reason I didn't notice much difference could be because I've been very lucky with my conditioners in the past, or maybe the real change doesn't take effect until used more regularly.

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