Monday 1 December 2014


Penguin's Annual Fiction Showcase

I haven't been to a lot of book events lately because I've been so incredibly busy at work, but all of a sudden I had two events scheduled about a week apart!

After the book launch for The Propephecy of Bees by R.S. Pateman, last week I was Laura's plus +1 to Penguin's Annual Fiction Showcase, which was held at new Foyles (I told you, I'd never stop calling that) on Charing Cross Road. As it is literally around the corner from my office, this was perfect for me even with my busy schedule.

I attended the Penguin Blogger Night earlier this year (also courtesy of Laura's invite), and the set up for this one was very similar. There were six very different books highlighted, which either have just been published or are to be released in the upcoming year, and the authors of said novels were present for a chat and, later on in the evening, a reading.

While all the readings I caught were wonderful little tasters for the books, I have to say that I particularly loved the bit we heard of Paul Murray's The Mark and the Void, which was not only hilarious but also educational (who knew that without Ian Fleming, The Lord of the Rings would just be a bunch of Hobbits and Elves reciting poems to one another? ;)).

As I hadn't read a single one of the books yet (most of the proofs had only just come out) I did not only get the opportunity to hear about all of these exciting new titles, but I also got to pick up the ones that sounded the most appealing to me personally. So while I already have several huge to-read piles that are dangerously close to toppling over, I ended up taking home yet another bag full of exciting new reads:

In all it was a fab evening, many thanks to Penguin for organising it and to and Laura for inviting me along!

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