Wednesday 9 December 2015


Top 5 real-life Marilyn Monroe videos by author Lucy Holliday

After A Night in With Audrey Hepburn, Lucy Holliday's second novel was released last week which has another iconic stage star in the title: Marilyn Monroe. In the follow-up to her debut, protagonist Libby is torn between the men in her life and she realises taking advice from a Hollywood star might not be the best way to make the big decisions in her life.

To celebrate the release of A Night in With Marilyn Monroe, I'm excited to share with you Lucy's top 5 real-life Marilyn Monroe videos as part of the blog tour!

Top 5 real-life Marilyn Monroe videos by Lucy Holliday

1) Marilyn’s first screen test in 1950… this is where it all began!

2) Marilyn singing to US troops in Korea, February 1954: Marilyn giving the boys her trademark cheeky smoulder.

3) THAT iconic skirt blowing scene, September 1954… I’ve chosen this particular footage because it shows then-husband Joe DiMaggio looking singularly unimpressed by the whole thing. He stormed off the set, the couple later had a (horribly violent) row in their hotel room, and when Marilyn returned to California after the shoot, she filed for divorce on the grounds of ‘mental cruelty’.

4) Marilyn attending husband Arthur Miller’s premiere of View from the Bridge in New York, 1956. Silent footage, but incredible to watch because of the sheer swell of the crowds fighting to catch a glimpse or get a photo of Marilyn as she arrived. It was Arthur Miller’s big night but all the attention was firmly fixed on her… the death knell for another marriage, especially when you see the stony expression on Miller’s face as he accompanies her through the throng.

5) Marilyn singing Happy Birthday Mr President for JFK at Madison Square Garden, May 1962. Kind of sad to watch, because three months later she was dead, and because this moment, more than any other, shows how desperate she was to be admired and adored. But still, it’s a classic Marilyn moment, from the nude-look spangles to the candyfloss hair and the breathy, little-girl voice. God only knows what Jackie Kennedy made of it…

Thank you Lucy for sharing your top 5 real life Marilyn Monroe videos! A Night in With Marilyn Monroe is published by HarperCollins and out now! You can buy your copy from Foyles or your own preferred retailer.

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