Monday 9 May 2016


Hot Key Books Spring/Summer Highlights

You all know I love Hot Key Books (part of Bonnier publishing house), which is without a doubt one of the best young adult publishers in the UK right now. Last year's blogger brunch was one of my bookish highlights of 2015 and I've read some incredible novels from them since, including The Girl From Everywhere, The Good Girls, Only We Know and Paperweight. So to have the opportunity to attend their spring/summer highlights party last week, with librarians, booksellers and other industry influencers was an utter joy.

Usually I go to book events that are a little more blogger heavy so besides some of the Hot Key Books team, I didn't actually know anyone when I arrived at The Fable (a lovely restaurant I went to when they opened a few years ago) but that wasn't a problem at all. Everyone was very inclusive and I got chatting to a fair few librarians and HKB people I hadn't met yet before it was time to take our seats for the presentations.

There are some incredible sounding books coming out both under the Piccadilly Press imprint and the Hot Key Books one, and just like at the Books With a Bite Blogger Evening a few weeks ago, I took snapshots from the books that sounded most interesting to me. Have a look below and let me know which ones you're looking forward to reading!

This MG novel focuses on a beautiful friendship established through a mutual love for reading, and has a hugely intriguing mystery surrounding a library!

Author Jess Vallance received a letter from her biological father's second wife after he passed away (she didn't know her nor him), which formed the inspiration for this novel. I'm intrigued!

Julie Mayhew's novels always sound incredible and this one is no exception. Doused in research and with a heartbreaking premise (when she was telling the story I actually gasped out loud) Mother Tongue sounds like an emotional read but also a beautiful one, while celebrating the food and culture of Russia.

You know those contemporary YA novels where the main character is suffering from an eating disorder and a side character has to die for them to realise that they need to change? Claire Hennessey took this premise and turned it upside down. Her main character is the one that dies, but rather than it being the end it is actually the beginning. The protagonist sticks around and has to become a guardian angel. A snarky, bitchy guardian angel.

London Belongs to Us is a love letter to the city, with the main characters on a race against the clock one faithful night. They bond with strangers on replacement buses and spot landmarks along the way. Yes, please!

What the pictures don't tell you is that several of the authors brought something special to the presentation, from lemon candy (for A Library of Lemons) to a musical presentation (for The Stones of Winter), which was awesome.

After the presentations I chatted to a few of the authors present, while devouring some tasty mini burgers. I may or may not spent a little while flailing over the incredible Sarra Manning, whose new book sounds like so much fun! She signed my copy while revealing I may spot some characters from Adorkable in her latest novel and I cannot wait to dig in!

Other authors I spoke to included Claire Hennessy and Zillah Bethal who were super lovely and I was thrilled to spot their books in the goodie bag we left with as they both sound brilliant. There was also more mingling with the other attendees and I caught up briefly with a few of the HKB team I already knew, which was a joy as ever. I also discovered that they'll be publishing all of E. Lockhart's back catalogue in the UK. BRB, flailing forever!

Thanks so much Hot Key Books and their lovely authors for another fabulous night and the bookish goodies we left with. There is no such thing as too many books on the almighty TBR, am I right? 


  1. What a wonderful event! I've been meaning to read some more Hot Key books, thank you for reminding me!

    1. You're welcome! They publish so many amazing books, make sure you also check out Breakdown, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, The Good Girls, Paperweight, and Fish Out of Water.


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