Friday 22 July 2016


Pink Parcel July Unboxing

At The Bloggers Summer Hangout a few weeks ago I met some lovely ladies from Pink Parcel subscription box and I instantly fell in love with the concept. The brand provides subscribers with a box delivered in their mail box each month that contains everything they might need to make periods as comfortable as possible; tampons and pads, of course, but also beauty and pampering treats as well as tea and snacks. Sounds pretty great, right? I was shown a sneak peek of some of the products in the July box, which looked incredible, and so of course I had to order it to try this subscription brand for myself.

When you sign up, you're given the choice between a whole variety of tampons and pads and you can select which ones you want to receive in your box. You can go for a selection of either or a combination of both, whatever you're used to and comfortable with! The next step is to calculate when your next period will take place and then you can pick from one of three dates in the month (the one closest to when you need it) for the box to be delivered.

When the Pink Parcel arrives in the post it's done very discretely as it's hidden in a plain black mail bag, which I was very happy with as I'd used my work address for the delivery. The box within looks lovely and sleek with its pink accents, and when you pop it open you can see the different elements. 'For now', 'for night' and 'for later' could contain different products if you chose this when subscribing, but I opted for just one type so it's all the same for me. I especially love the little black pouch to pop in my handbag as it means I no longer have to rummage around to find pads when I need them.

The one box that changes every month is 'for you', which is filled to the brim with goodies to treat yourself with and make that time of the month actually enjoyable.

I fully admit that the reason  bought the July box of The Pink Parcel because I'd seen a sneak peek of the stunning rose gold tweezers from The Vintage Cosmetic Company at The Bloggers Summer Hangout as I adore that brand and I was in the market for another set of tweezers to have a spare. And having had the chance to fully admire the tweezers, they're even more gorgeous than I remembered.

There was also a nail file from The Vintage Cosmetic Company with a discount code for the brand. Another beauty treat in the box was a Patisserie de Basin hand cream. I LOVE hand creams but don't know this brand (yet). Love the name of the fragrance though; Strawberry Shortcake!

Next up there was a selection of make-up. I don't really use eye shadow or eye liner myself, but it is impossible to ensure that a subscription box tailors each and every item to all the people that receive it and I'm sure I can make someone else happy with these :) And I do love painting my nails so the beautiful red polish is going to come in handy this summer.

Finally, to really pamper yourself there was a relaxing tea, chocolate biscuit and foot cream in the package too. I love all of these things and I think they're the perfect treat for that time of the month. I'll be taking out an evening and use all of them to really relax.

The Pink Parcel subscription is £10.95 per month (including shipping costs), but the first box is just £6.99. So what are you waiting for? Sign up here and let me know what you think! You can stop your subscription at any time so you don't have to subscribe for a minimum amount of months. You can even pause or stop your subscription straight away after receiving the first box so you can try everything first before making up your mind.

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