Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Photo Tour of Wisteria Hysteria in London

If you follow any London-based Instagram accounts you can't have missed the wisteria hysteria sweeping across everyone's photos. This gorgeous purple rain cascading along the walls in mostly West London, not only leaves a gorgeous fragrance in its wake but it also looks incredible pretty (especially when a picture-perfect pastel-pink door peeks through the flowers). The wisteria season is unfortunately almost over already, but if you didn't have time to check it out for yourself don't despair, I spent a sunny Sunday wandering through the Kensington and Notting Hill areas, capturing some of the best #wisteriahysteria moments for you to enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed this photo journey through West London in search of the most beautiful wisteria! Are there any locations in London, or outside, where you've found this beautiful purple flower? Do leave the location in the comments below, so other people can find and enjoy it too!

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  1. So much gorgeous wisteria. And is smells so beautiful when it is in bloom too.

  2. Ha I love the title! But seriously those flowers are stunning and I bet this area of London looked beautiful with all those blooms.


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