Monday 20 November 2017


Getting Festive With Maplin Electronics

I'm a huge Christmas geek and if I get an invite for anything with a festive angle, I'm in. And so with the promise of getting a sneak peek at some of the most exciting tech and toys for the holiday season – and the lure of a mince pie, or two – I set out for Maplin's headquarters last week. While it may have been the seasonal fun that captured my interest initially, it was fab gadgets such as a mini chocolate fountain (yes, it is as divine as it sounds), that have made my wish list a lot longer in the past week.

Maplin Electronics HQ was conveniently just a five-minute walk from my own office, so I didn't have to venture far out for this one. When I arrived, a few fellow bloggers were already there and we were shown to a private room where a bunch of the tech and toys had already been set up (among mince pies and snacks, and festive decorations to really get us in the mood).

Most excitingly (and I maaaaaaay have already mentioned this) were the food gadgets; a mini slushy machine and an adorably sized chocolate fountain. There were both so small that they won't take up much space on a kitchen counter or table decked out for a party (or an office desk, as someone suggested and now I really want to try out...), but you can still create some delicious party treats with them. Both were in use on the night so we could properly try them and had I not been sold already I would've been after that, because yum!

The recipes used in the devices were from The Robin Collective and they were SO good you guys! The slushy was inspired by Christmas pudding but with fresher ingredients such as grated ginger and fruit juices (and booze, of course) and the chocolate was super rich and gooey and tasted scrumptiously naughty but was actually hiding super food powders within it as well, so that totally makes it healthy, right? 😉

Other gadgets I loved seeing on the night included a Glow in the Dark Hover Shot (I had so much fun playing with this one even if I didn't hit the balls with the air powered guns once 😂), a Mini Arcade Machine, a pack to Make Your Own Neon Effect Light (this would look great in blogger pictures or videos!), and a drone. A drone wasn't on my wish list before at all but seeing at what affordable price they start with a camera (£29.99 for the Nano VG Cam Drone) I am very tempted as it'd be cool to get some overhead shots with it.

Thanks so much to the Maplin team for the invite and for allowing us to try out all these fun gadgets and toys!

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