Friday 22 December 2017


Celebrating 25 Years of Disney's Aladdin

You know those moments of realisation that suddenly make you feel very, very old? Like thinking about the fact that someone born in the 2000s can almost be a legal adult? Or accidentally muttering the words 'back in my day'? *shudder* Well, I have another one for you... Disney's Aladdin is officially 25 years-old this year 😱 If like me you remember catching the movie in cinema first time around and/or you owned it on VHS, then it's official... it's time to get nostalgic!

To be fair, I don't think I actually saw this one in cinema (pfew I have a few 'young'-creds left), but I most definitely owned the VHS and now DVD of this timeless animated classic. So when I went to see the musical adaptation at the Prince Edward Theatre a few weeks ago I was instantly hit by a genie-shaped bout of nostalgia for the colourful streets of Agrabah.

After all, surely I wasn't the only kid who after watching the film wanted to move into the Sultan's Palace and have my own cheeky side-kick like Aladdin's monkey BFF Abu? 🤔 My point exactly.

On our Aladdin night we had the opportunity to rub the lamp for ourselves (no genie leaped out because, after all, Aladdin had set him free already), we saw some of the show's original stunning costumes in person and learned a bunch of fun facts about both the musical and film along the way at a themed pre-show party celebrating the Disney classic's quarter-of-a-century birthday party! And there were themed canapes too; I love myself a themed canape!

One of the things I learned at the celebration is that the musical allowed the creators to bring back some of the dazzling numbers that had been cut for the screen version (such as Proud of Your Boy and Somebody's Got Your Back). And that Jonathan Freeman, who voiced the evil Jafar, ended up playing that very same role on Broadway! Pretty cool, huh?

And – VERY excitingly – I also discovered that a live-action adaptation of the animated film will be released in 2019 😱 It's time to wish the next two years away because I need this in my life right now!!

And if the Arabian-themed canapes and the 'shining, shimmering, splendid' surroundings weren't enough already, we even left with a jam-packed goodie bag before taking our seats in the theatre to be swept away by a magic carpet ride. Thanks so much team Aladdin for the nostalgia fest! 😘

Aladdin is playing at the Prince Edward Theatre and is currently taking bookings until 28 April 2018. Book your tickets here.

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