Monday 5 March 2018


Wyld Afternoon Tea at Mondrian London

I love my themed afternoon teas, having enjoyed an autumnal tea, a Beauty and the Beast one and another in a library in the last year alone. So when my birthday came around last month and it was time to decide on a place to go, needless to say afternoon tea was high on the list. There were a few different location that all sounded great (and I will be checking out this year so stay tuned) but the one we went for this time around was the botanical tea, and it was delightful.

Wyld Tea is served at the gorgeous Dandelyan cocktail bar in Mondrian London, a quirky boutique hotel on the south bank of the Thames with riverside views for its guests. The Wyld Tea can be ordered with matching botanical cocktails, but we went for the booze-free version, so the focus would be on our tea and the scrumptious delights we'd already been eyeing on the menu prior to our visit.

The list of teas to choose from is surprisingly short, comprising mostly of the well-known ones such as English Breakfast, Mint and Chamomile, so I opted for a simple Earl Grey to accompany the sweet and savoury dishes on offer. It's one of my favourite teas anyway and the perfect palate cleanser between flavours.

When the food arrived we were well impressed. Not only does everything look gorgeous on the plate, but the flavour combinations are imaginative and outstanding. The savoury platter consists of: Scottish Smoked Salmon, Rock Samphire, Brown Shrimp, Candied Orange Butter Sandwich; Lyan Lager Braised Bacon Jam, Confit Suffolk Chicken Pin-Wheel; Elderflower Compressed Cucumber, Burnt Herb Cream, Rocket Sandwich; Ham Hock & Piccalilli Vegetable Butter, Mustard Cress Sandwich; and a Leek & Goat's Cheese Rarebit on 7 Grain Toast.

So cucumber, salmon and ham sandwiches with a fancy twist, basically. And oh my. It isn't just the ingredients that sound elaborate, the flavours are deep and interesting too. If I *have* to pick a favourite it'd be between the ham sandwich and the rarebit, but they are all surprising and delicious in their own right.

For sweets we had a Blackcurrant & Verbana Battenberg Cake (the indisputable visual star of the show and my favourite flavourwise too); Rose Blancmange & Caraway Shortbread (a very interesting combination that works surprisingly well); Pine Scented Baked Alaska & Berries (I am not entirely sold on the pine element); and two very rich desserts to finish with: a gooey Caramel Tart and a beautiful gold-flecked Chocolate Cake.

The sweets are as scrumptious as the savoury platter, but the real strength in this afternoon tea lies in its attention to detail. Subtle botanical touches in the make up of the dishes combined with the matching crockery and elegant flowers woven into the displays is what makes this a themed afternoon tea – and one that is both highly enjoyable and memorable. 

Normally after an afternoon tea I feel well and truly stuffed, but not this time. I think it's the lack of scones on the menu (which I believe ~scientifically~ expand to ten times their original size once devoured with a cup of tea) that made this a less filling afternoon tea experience. That isn't a negative point per se, but something to keep in mind. This is an afternoon tea after which you will still want to plan a light dinner at night (though it won't be as good as the delicious treats you've had a chance to enjoy earlier on in the day!).

The Wyld Tea can be enjoyed at the Dandelyan in the Mondrian London, 20 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD. Served Thursday to Sunday between 12pm and 5pm, the boozeless tea is £35pp, Champagne tea is £45pp and if you like to enjoy cocktails to match the dishes it is £55pp.

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  1. looks and sounds lovely!

    1. It was! Definitely one of the more memorable afternoon teas I've had the pleasure to enjoy :)


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