Monday 16 April 2018


Bottomless Brunch at Bounce: Ping Pong, Pizza & Prosecco

I'm a huge fan of brunch (so much so that last week I had a double brunch weekend!), and I love discovering new restaurants that put on a scrumptious spread. Especially if they give their own twist to the traditional brunch, and that's exactly what Bounce has done. They offer unlimited pizza, Prosecco and Ping Pong madness for two whole hours and I had the opportunity to check it out for myself this weekend.

Bounce has two Ping Pong restaurants in London, but it's the Old Street location at which they do Sunday brunch. If like me you ALWAYS get lost leaving that station, not knowing which direction of the roundabout to go to, here's a top tip: use exit 1 and leave the station on the right hand side (the exit marked 'Shoreditch'), Bounce will be just a two-minute walk straight down Old Street and you'll see it pop up on your left hand side. I just saved you a twenty minute scramble around the station, you're welcome 😉

Bounce is located underground and has a super cool vibe going on; tables covered in graffiti, neon signs across the walls, and colourful little touches make you realise that yes, you aren't too far from hipster Shoreditch! Joking aside, I loved it and the design really came into its own when the lights dimmed and the vibrant neon orange and pinks stood out even more.

I haven't played Ping Pong for years (unless Wii Sports counts?!) so I thought I'd be pretty rubbish, but I didn't do too bad in the end. We played regular games, Rounders (a kind of musical chairs where you run around the table) and even a super cool digital version called Wonderball where with the bounce of your call you can pick a whole host of original games from the menu that will project characters, splatters of paint, a countdown, and more onto the table. I think this was my favourite! I maaaay have gotten a bit competitive but I did win one of the games (yes my name in-game was Ben Nana, hush).

And oh my gosh the food! I mean I love pizza anyway but guys they had pizza-stuffed Yorkshire puddings and topped the brunch off with white chocolate and Nutella pizzas. Yum. Sadly there weren't as many sweet pizzas as there had been savoury ones so I only managed to pick up a single Nutella slice (and none of the white choc one), but topped with raspberries, nuts and fresh mint it was delish and I'm now firmly in team sweet pizza.

With the delicious food, plethora of games options (it's so much more than 'just' Ping Pong) and staff members discretely topping up your glass of Prosecco throughout the two hours of game time so it never even becomes half empty, brunch at Bounce is a super fun alternative Sunday outing with a group of friends! Avocado toast who? Chocolate pizza is where it's at!

Bounce is located in Farringdon and Old Street, check out their website for more information on opening hours, special events, and bottomless brunch details!

Huge thanks to Emily from London City Calling for organising the brunch!

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  1. This sounds like a fun place! My company had their holiday party at a similar place called Spin!

    1. I have to admit, I wasn't aware of these Ping Pong places before the weekend, but I'm not a convert because it was such fun!!

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