Friday 30 August 2019


Following in Heidi's Footsteps in the Swiss Alps

I'm most in my element when I can combine two of my loves: travel and literature. I've written about it extensively in my 'a book lover's guide to' series, and earlier this month my travels once again transported me to one of my favourite childhood novels: Heidi by Johanna Spyri. If you're not familiar with the classic tale of the spirited girl who lives in the Swiss mountains with her grandfather and spends her days herding goats with her friend Peter then I highly recommend you check it out before exploring the scenic mountain trail at Pizol in the Swiss town of Bad Ragaz.

Being among mountains is one of my ultimate happy places (I’m from the super flat Netherlands and have mountain envy, okay?). And while I always long for far away places like Canada and New Zealand, it’s easy to forget there are equally sweeping sceneries and stunning mountain views much closer to home. From the Peak District and the Highlands right here in the UK, through to the Alps stretching many a country on the other side of the water and just a short flight away.

And it was such a thrill getting to see the beautiful Swiss Alps with the literary backdrop of Johanna Spyri’s classic tale (which I re-read just a few months before the trip so I could vividly remember the story while I was in a similar setting). We took a Heidi-themed gondola up depicting Heidi and Peter and it was filled with books, stuffed toys (goats and marmots), and gingham curtains. Such a cute touch. The walking path was mostly flat and easy, as it’s meant for children and dogs too, with just a few small uphill climbs. And all along the way we were rewarded with views of waterfalls, forests, mountains, and the occasional toadstool popping through.

Words don't do the stunning surroundings justice, so instead I decided to share my Instagram tour of the hot spots along the Heidi trail in the Swiss Alps at Bad Ragaz. Bonus: When you get to the very end you’ll see a very silly photo of me trying to mount a wooden goat (I was forced for the shot...). All along the trail there are differently designed wooden goats marking the path with a story and a stamp in their mouth (we were given trail maps that we could mark at each goat). Meant for children perhaps, but man did we have a lot of fun with them. 🇨🇭🐐

For more information on opening times, ticket costs, and more helpful tips for your visit, check out the official Heidi Trail page on the Pizol website

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