Tuesday 13 September 2011


Review policy

Would you like to know a little bit more about this blog and its author first? You can read all about me here. Now you know what some of the key focuses of this blog are, as well as my stats, read on for specific review policies for key categories.


I read mostly literary novels/book club reads, young adult titles, and non-fiction. At this time I do not accept self published novels, eBooks, audio books, graphic novels, books for children under the age of 12, and adult novels in the following genres: erotica, sci-fi, crime and horror. Book reviews are cross-posted to Twitter, Google+, Goodreads (top 1% reviewer), Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Waterstones.com (top 50 reviewer) and Bookbridgr.com. Want to work with me? Email me a press release for the the book you'd like me to review as well as the publication date.


I review theatre both in London's West End and on the fringe (Zone1-3 only). My main passion is musical theatre but I also frequent plays so am open to hearing more about those as well. If you'd like me to review your musical or play in central London, please email me a press release and available dates and I'll respond to you as soon as possible.

Events + Travel

For invites to blogger events, PR showcases, new openings in London, and national and international destinations please include the date(s), time and location in your email outreach, as well as a press release if available. 

Food & Drink

I'm a real foodie and love trying out new scrumptious places. All cuisines will be considered; from Lebanese and Italian to quintessentially British afternoon tea. As I'm located in the UK's capital, I'm currently only accepting invites to central London restaurants, but I do travel so if you're based elsewhere you can email me and I'll keep the details on file. If you have a new food or drink item you'd like me to give a go, feel free to email me a press release for consideration.


There is a wealth of beauty products and brands out there that aren't available in high street shops and because of that people don't necessarily know about them. Reading blogs is the perfect way to discover new soaps, scrubs, nail polishes and other exciting products. As I have a dry skin I'm particularly on the look-out for body lotions and creams that can counteract the dreaded 'flaky skin', but as you can see from past reviews I consider other products for review as well if you pop over a press release first.


I am PR-friendly and if you work on a show, brand, book or destination that you believe aligns with this blog and readership, do email me on pagetostagereviews@gmail.com.

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