Thursday 23 November 2023


Book review: Bookshops & Bonedust (Legends & Lattes #0.5) by Travis Baldree [blog tour]

I have to start by admitting that high fantasy isn't for me. I usually don't pick up a book if it's set on other planets, has big battle sequences, and centres on creatures with names I've never heard of before. But I met author Travis Baldree at MCM Comic Con last year – and not only was he the absolute loveliest human being, he also completely sold his first novel, Legends & Lattes, to me as it sounded so incredibly cosy. Needless to say, I picked up a copy of the book almost immediately after and I'd been anticipating the prequel, Bookshops & Bonedust, ever since I turned the final page on the first one. 

Wednesday 15 November 2023


Book review: Murder at Holly House by Denzil Meyrick [blog tour]

It's the season for murder mysteries! OK, I admit, I do love a good whodunnit any time of year, but nothing beats cosying up on a cold and dark evening with a gripping tale of killings, secrets, and red herrings. And Murder at Holly House by Denzil Meyrick hit the murderous spot just right. 

Friday 3 November 2023


Theatre review: The Time Traveller's Wife at the Apollo Theatre

Based on the book of the same name by Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveller's Wife at its core is the love story between Henry and Clare. The twist? Henry is a time traveller and Clare first meets him when she's still a child. In his own chronological timeline, however, Henry doesn't meet Clare until they're both in their 20s. Are you confused yet? Not only that, but Henry cannot control when he travels – making it very hard for him to live his life as he doesn't know when – and for how long – he is gone.  

Thursday 2 November 2023


Book review: The Christmas Appeal by Janice Hallett [blog tour]

October was a truly festive reading month for me. But rather than devouring another romance book, this time around I returned to the fictional town of Lockwood, and particularly the Fairway Players from Janice Hallett's novel The Appeal as they gear up for their seasonal production. After all, no Christmas is complete without a dash of murder...