Monday 15 July 2013


Kelktails: Making cocktails with author Lindsey Kelk

Lindsey Kelk is the author of the I Heart... novels and the recently published About a Girl, an incredibly fun and fabulous first instalment in a brand new series [find my full review here].

To celebrate the launch Lindsey did various signings across the UK as well as some really cool events. Unfortunately I didn't email quick enough to get tickets to a special brunch, so I jumped on the chance when "Kelktails" was announced; a competition where readers could win a place at a cocktail making workshop with Lindsey. We had to come up with a name for a cocktail and in my first try I attempted to persuade her with "The Marc Jacobs", but alas there were much better answers than that and I didn't get in. Luckily for me though, there were some extra places available the night before the event and my cocktail "The Desperado" (because I was desperate to win!) did get picked this time around.

You can find my recap of the evening + some photos below.

I only heard that I had won the morning of the event and the last minute surprise possibly made it even more exciting for me (I was at work though when I saw the Tweet, so I tried not to squee too much!). I mean getting a chance to make cocktails to ring in the weekend and meet one of my favourite authors? Brilliant!

When we arrived we first got the chance to chat to Lindsey (aaahhhh, so cool) for a bit and the other girls (it was a lovely small group) before trying our hands at making cocktails. While chatting we were already served a delicious and refreshing drink, the name of which has slipped my mind.

The theme for the night was girly cocktails (because, according to our mixologist, About a Girl is about a... girl). So of course the first one being made was the very girly and very pink Cosmopolitan and it was Lindsey who got to do the honours (it was delicious). Next up was the absolutely divine Porn Star Martini which was basically a passion fruit overdose (one of my favourite fruits) and definitely the best cocktail of the night imho.

My friend and I got to have a go at making Strawberry Dacquiries (we purposely decided to have our turn early on, when not yet very intoxicated!) which was really fun and slightly difficult as for these drinks we were told to use both hands at the same time but the liquor we were pouring needed different amounts (decided by counts) so our hands had to work independently from one another. We managed though and I was very pleased with the result.

After that I lost track of the different cocktails that were being made, though there was an interesting Earl Grey one which really did look like a cup of tea (it had a raw egg in it though, not a fan of that). The very final one, which I'm not even sure was an existing cocktail or the bartender just mixing everything together, was a saucepan filled with lots of different types of alcohol and set on fire. Pretty impressive! We all drank and chatted some more before Lindsey had to leave, and I continued to talk to a few of the other lovely girls before making my way home (with a detour for pizza!).

Many thanks to Lindsey, Blaise and everyone who made this such a great night!

A Cosmopolitan made by Lindsey

My Strawberry Daiquiri on the left with a Pina Colada next to it

Lindsey tasting the Earl Grey Martini

The glorious result! It really does look like a cuppa, doesn't it?

Our mixologist expertly using two hands at the same time

The final cocktail which was just a whole lot of alcohol mixed together!

He was having some fun with an About a Girl magnet...

Of course I had to get my photo taken with Lindsey :)

A cute tote bag and magnet we all received

My signed copy of About a Girl!

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