Monday 9 December 2013


Biscuiteers event with Lindsey Kelk

Last Wednesday my friend and I got to attend a special baking event with the lovely Lindsey Kelk in celebration of her latest release, I Heart Christmas (which is brilliant by the way, read my review here), which was a super fun night!

"Bake with Lindsey" was held at the Biscuiteers boutique and icing cafe in West London (just off Portobello Road Market), which I'd never been to before but I definitely want to return to. They sold the most exquisitely iced biscuits, from ones shaped and coloured in like dragonflies and dogs to a whole advent calendar of different figures. And they also carry a lot of super cute baking supplies, perfect for those people who have been bit by the baking bug since the last series of The Great British Bake Off.

Before the biscuit icing fun commenced we were welcomed with delicious Prosecco and canapes (I particularly loved a salmon one that came on a mini crumpet) and got a chance to mingle with the other women in attendance (where we mostly talked about books, of course!).

And before we knew it it was time to head downstairs where tables were laid out with festively coloured icing and ginger biscuits shaped like Christmas baubles and Christmas trees, which we could paint to our heart's content. There was a contest for the prettiest one and mine, unsurprisingly, didn't make the cut, lol. I really enjoyed icing them but they pretty much looked like a child had been let loose on them :p

Our supplies, there was gold paint!

A blank canvas...

My wonky biscuits >.<

After the icing there was a Q&A where we got the opportunity to question Lindsey about her writing process and novels. My friend wanted to know if it was difficult to write a seasonal novel while it wasn't anywhere near December and Lindsey said that while it was slightly challenging she also found it a lot of fun to do because she loves Christmas. She also explained the differences between celebrating the holidays in the UK and America and how in the US Christmas was put on hold for Thanksgiving (cue a hilarious story regarding her organising Thanksgiving dinner for her friends in New York).

Someone else asked how it was to tackle a new series and Lindsey said that initially she was worried that Tess (from About a Girl) would be very similar to Angela but when she started writing this wasn't the case at all. She also said that if I Heart New York had been written with Tess in the lead it would've been a completely different novel.

There were a lot more questions after that, but my memory is rubbish and it has been five days since the event, so... After the Q&A we all got a chance to get our books signed and pose for photos before heading off with a lovely goodie bag (which was the icing on the eh... icing event). In all it was a brilliant evening, I mean there was booze, biscuit icing and book chat, what is there not to love? Many thanks to Lindsey, Katie, Lucy and everyone else for making this such a fab event!

Photo with the lovely Lindsey (who was wearing an awesome Christmas jumper!)

Fab goodie bag we received at the event, including an I Heart Christmas
advent calendar, nail file and Oyster card holder.

My signed copy of I Heart Christmas :)


  1. Oh this sounds (and looks) like a lot of fun! :D And I think your biscuits look perfectly fine!

    1. Aww thanks! The others were much more thought out and intricate though. I got a bit too excited when I saw all the icing and just went for it ;)


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