Friday 6 December 2013


The Scottish Fine Soaps Company winter range 2013

As a lover of all things Christmas - I'm one of those people who will start decorating before December has even started and if I can get away with it I will leave some cute reindeer figurines dotted around the house all year around - so I was excited to be trialling bath and body products created by The Scottish Fine Soaps Company specifically with the holiday season in mind.

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company is a Scottish based manufacturer established in 1974, which creates products that promote well-being for the mind and body. Now, 40 years down the line, the company produces a variety of bath and body items, including a special Christmas range, which is inspired by the smells and themes of the festive December feast.

There are a lot of gorgeous scents I associate with the rapidly approaching festivities; the smokiness of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, the warming qualities of ginger and cinnamon used to spice up dishes and hot drinks, and of course the zesty mandarins and satsumas which are in abundance this season - and I was keen to see if the Scottish company was able to replicate these Christmas scents within their winter range.

For this review I tried the products in the Spiced Apple Pamper Tin (which includes a 75ml body butter, 75ml body wash and two 100g luxury soaps) and the Gingerbread Luxurious Essentials Drum (which contains a 75ml hand & nail cream, 75ml body wash, 75ml body butter and a 40g soap). Both gift boxes come in festive green and red colours, the tin even has a luxurious golden touch to it, making them a perfect addition for underneath the Christmas tree - and they don't even require battling endless amounts of wrapping paper and sticky tape to look the part.

The contents were equally fun and festive. With a snowflake pattern on the packaging they perfectly represent the wintery theme that became eminent as soon as I opened the boxes and I was enveloped in the warm and homely scent of Christmas. The soaps in particular emanated the holiday feel as their strong fragrance broke free without even having to open their packaging, though all the products when used had a strong festive scent that pleasantly lingered after application.

I really enjoyed trying the various products within the gift drum and tin. The scents complimented each other well and so it's perfectly fine to mix and match them by for instance using the sweet Spiced Apple body wash, followed by the spicy but still gentle Gingerbread body butter. Both the body butter and hand & nail cream were easy to apply and were instantly absorbed, leaving my skin feeling velvety soft and smelling gorgeously like a bundle of Christmas sweets.

I thought that both the Spiced Apple and Gingerbread fragrances were absolutely lush and highly addicting as I often found myself opening the tubes of cream just to get a whiff of the enticing scent within. It did make it impossible to pick a favourite so I have resorted to using them in alternating order and disappear in a cloud of Spiced Apple and Gingerbread, spreading the smell of Christmas wherever I go.

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