Tuesday 27 May 2014


Head of Zeus Indie Party

Last week I went to the fab Head of Zeus Indie Party where not only I had the opportunity to meet some of their team, but also a few of their authors whose debuts will be published in the coming months. It was a fantastic evening and I am so grateful for the opportunity to mingle with all these lovely people.

While I was glad I wouldn't be going solo (Laura was invited too), it was so easy to talk to the publishers and authors that it didn't matter that we didn't know many people before we got there. The only other person besides Laura I did know was Becci from HoZ and it was brilliant to get to meet her in person and chat away about books after having communicated over email for so long.

Other highlights included a long and very funny conversation with Stefanie De Velasco, author of Tiger Milk, which is a coming of age novel set in Berlin. We talked about the (disgusting sounding) drink the novel is titled after, the original German edition, the Dutch translation and she mentioned that when writing it she wondered what it would be like if the O'Sullivan Twins from Enid Blyton's St. Clare's series were growing up in contemporary times, which has really piqued my interest and I cannot wait to read the novel.

We also spoke to Black Dog Summer-author Miranda Sherry, who was incredibly gracious as we were the first people to ask her to sign her book, which she mentioned was very special to her (it was to us too!). All four featured authors were given a few moments for speeches (they were very engaging to listen to) before there was time to mingle some more while enjoying a glass of wine and tasty canapés. We also left with a few of the books on display and a strikingly pink HoZ tote bags (I love bookish totes, so this was right up my alley).

To meet these incredibly talented and lovely people at the start of their careers as published authors was very special. Thank you very much Head of Zeus for organising such a wonderfully inspiring event!

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