Tuesday 20 May 2014


RelaxMel honey

Honey is a delicious natural treat, which can be enjoyed on its own straight from the jar (for the real die-hards), used in your cooking and baking experiments, and even to gently sweeten your cuppa - in which it's certainly a better alternative than several heaped teaspoons of sugar. But did you know that regular intake of honey can have health benefits as well?

LifeMel has created a range of naturally made health-promoting honeys, each of which is tailored to a specific health concern. Their products are made by bees that are fed on a diet of a specially prepared mixture of natural herbs to promote overall wellbeing and targeting health issues such as digestion and lack of energy.

Each product contains a potent compound of active ingredients from the specially made herb mixture that has been perfected over thirty years of research. Once digested by the bees during honey production, the herbs are presented in an enzyme compound, allowing for the honey to be more bioavailable and therefore more rapidly absorbed by the body.

For this review I tried RelaxMel, which as the name may give away aims to have relaxing qualities. The first thing I noticed when trying a spoonful of the dark, sticky liquid was that it was more fragrant than the honey I have used in the past. There was a strong herbal note and while I didn't recognise it as the passionflower, lavender hop and oats the bees had fed on while producing the honey, it was obvious from the start that there was something different about this product.

Despite the strong herbal scent, the honey was delicious and didn't have a medicinal aftertaste. There was certainly a hint of something extra, but it added to the rich flavour rather than detracting from it. The product's calming qualities should become evident within 30 to 60 minutes after use but unfortunately I didn't notice any difference myself. This may be because I tried it in the evening at home, after having left the stress of the day already well and truly behind at work.

As a lover of honey, I enjoyed my daily intake of RelaxMel, but £20 for 120g is quite a steep price to pay for a jar that doesn't even last a full month. If you're often very stressed and/or have difficulties falling asleep at night, then trying a natural product such as this certainly won't do any harm and may be the salvation you've been longing for. Personally though, I didn't notice a change upon trying it for a few weeks and I found the product too expensive to use on a daily basis instead of my regular, more mainstream honey.

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