Thursday 5 February 2015


Blog tour: The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again! by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

Last year saw the release of some brilliant novels starring elderly people in the lead and which, coincidentally (though maybe not), all had very funny long titles and were translated from Swedish. There was The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window as well as The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules, and a sequel for the latter has now been published as well (with a third one on the way too, you heard it here first!).

The books were already on my radar and after I had the pleasure to talk to the lovely Catharina at the Pan Mac party, I'm even more excited to read them. So I've packed both the first and second instalment in my suitcase for my trip to Rome next week - I can't wait!

As part of the blog tour for the second book, Catharina talks to Page to Stage Reviews about sharing her stories of Martha and the League of Pensioners with people from all over the world. Check it out below:

"As The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules has spread around the world, I have been in various countries to speak about the book. It is amazing to be able to talk about Martha and her friends in France, Finland, United Arab Emirates and Brazil. It's surreal to see that the stories that were once just in my head, have now spread all over the world. I lean back, look at it and cannot believe it´s true!

"Now I hope you will like my new book The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again! as well. In this book, Martha tries to steal money in Las Vegas, meets a gang of bikers and attempts a bank robbery. She does everything in order to get money to give to the poor. I am blessed because I am able to laugh out loud at my own writing, and now I hope you do the same.

"I am in the middle of my third book about the League of Pensioners. They are such a nice company. I love it when these five elderly people plot together for the good of others. After all, one cannot always follow the rules . . . and Martha would not be Martha if she did . . ."

Thanks Catharina for stopping by Page to Stage Reviews! I shall dig into the novels soon and my reviews will follow in the next few weeks. 

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