Wednesday 18 November 2015


9 Reasons Why Autumn is My Favourite Season!

The changing of the seasons is one of the most magical natural wonders and as sunny summer moves into chilly autumn, I find it particular poignant. At this time of year I always feel more than ready for the cosy colder months to come around as breathing in the crisp autumnal air has a rejuvenated effect. While I am also very fond of pure white snowy landscapes and sparkling icy features, it's the gorgeous smells and vivid colours – not to mention the first opportunity to get back into my comfy jumpers – that makes autumn my absolute favourite time of the year. There are many reasons why this is clearly the best season and I have listed some of them below, illustrated with autumnal pictures I took during a recent walk on beautiful Hampstead Heath here in London.

The Amazing Colour Palette

This one I inherited from my mum, whose favourite colours all fall in the autumn range, and I just adore the vivid reds, yellows and oranges combined with the incredible range of brown shades and even darker green that make something as ordinary as looking out of the window during autumn such a joy. Especially when they all come together to create an artistic arrangement of pops of colour it really does have a joyous effect on me.

The Fresh Smell

Who knew that decaying leaves and a plethora of rain, which we in the UK are all to keen to moan about normally, would result in such a magical perfume scenting the air – even in the city? There is little that can relax me quite as much as taking a very deep breath of the fresh autumn air, it is like inhaling a bouquet of pure nature.

Long Walks in the Woods

The best way to get a good fix of autumn air is of course to spend it close to nature; either in a forest or the countryside. I'm particular fond of the former because not only will there be the irresistible crunch of falling leaves with every step I take, there is also the opportunity to spot some real wonders hidden among the shadows of the trees, from fairytale toadstools to scattered chestnuts and acorns. I love crouching among the leaves to spot treasures and sometimes I take some beautiful autumn leaves and chestnuts home to brighten up displays in our garden.

Crisp Clear Skies

This good hand in hand with my love for a good hike, because of course there is no fun doing that when it's pouring down with rain (though that can be quite fun too when suited up with waterproof clothing and cute wellies, but only the first few days, after that it will get tiring). There is no other time of year where – when dry – the air is quite so crisp and clear. The pure blue from the sky illuminates the already vivid colours of the season, making everything just a tad more bright and perfect.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

What is there not to love about pumpkins?! They look gorgeous displayed in the garden, my little sister makes a divine pumpkin soup and yes, of course, I do love pumpkin spice latte or other pumpkin flavoured food and drinks (pumpkin spice candy corn is another favourite of mine though sadly not available in the UK).

All Hallow's Eve

Hallowe'en falls smack bang in the middle of autumn and while we never celebrated this in the Netherlands, I do love a good Hallowe'en display. It ties into my love for pumpkins and dressing up the house to make it look more fun, at a time of year when it is still frowned upon to get Christmas decorations up (which I would totally get out in early November otherwise).

Spicy Scents

As the days grow colder, we as humans try to find comfort in warming, homeliness in other ways including spicy scents such as ginger, clover and cinnamon. They make great additions to home-made baked goods, wholesome stews and hot drinks, but my favourite is the changing fragrances in beauty products.

No matter the time of the the year, I always steer towards these warming scents but they're only really available to buy in autumn and winter so that is when I stock up. A few years ago I tried the divine gingerbread products from The Scottish Fine Soaps Company, which are sadly no longer available and I have not been able to find a good replacement in the UK yet (though I have ogled the amazing pumpkin and caramel ranges currently available at Bath & Body Works, which unfortunately is only sold in the US). Does anyone have any recs?

Comfy Clothes

I love layering up so much! It's cosy, comfortable and if you're cold all you need to do is get some more clothes on (whereas if you're hot in summer there is only so much you can take off!). Some of my favourite possessions are flannel checkered shirts, fleece pajamas, fluffy polka-dotted bed socks and a flannel blanket I've had for several decades (!) and I love curling up in it with a good book and a cup of tea. Getting to wear all these things is my own special little heaven.

Quality Family Time

With the colder temperatures setting in, autumn means spending more time indoors again and enjoying the simple things with the family. From extended cooking and baking sessions (which makes the house smell gorgeous as well!) to lazily watching box sets together while enjoying a hot cup of chocolate (with whipped cream and mini marshmallows on top, of course) and spending whole Sunday afternoons playing board games. Maybe it's because I don't see my family very often, living in another country and all, but having the opportunity to do these really rather ordinary things together is what makes everything else in life worth it.

These are just some of my favourite things about autumn! What is your favourite season and why do you love it so much?

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