Thursday 4 February 2016


Guest post: author Julie Murphy shares 5 things you may not know about Texas

I love the young adult releases from Harper360 (especially A Thousand Pieces of You and its sequel Ten Thousand Skies Above You, now my new favourite YA series!) and so when I received their latest email introducing me to Dumplin' by Julie Murphy (which sounded fabulous) I jumped at the opportunity to review the novel and take part in the blog tour. I loved the book, which feels a little like Grease for the 21st century, and I'll publish my review next week. But first, I'm delighted to share with you a guest post from the author with five things you may not yet know about the state the story takes place in: Texas.

Five Things You May Not Know About Texas

1. Texas is so big that if you can drive from east to west for thirteen hours and still be in Texas. The drive from north to south is also roughly thirteen hours. Basically, Texas is twice as big as Germany.

2. Homecoming mums are real and growing every year! Homecoming mums started out as simple chrysanthemums that people would wear in their lapels to homecoming games at school, but like everything else in Texas, they've only grown bigger with time. Here's a great piece on homecoming mums, including pictures.

3. Friday Night Lights may be a TV show, but the book that it's based on is the real deal. High school football here is such a huge deal that one town spent 60 million on a stadium.

4. Texas has a reputation for being super conservative and stuck in the past, but 40% of voters voted for the liberal candidate in the last presidential election.

5. Texas is also known for its outrageous weather. It's not unheard of for some residents to be at a pool party on one end of the state, while others are shovelling snow.

Thank you so much for sharing these great insight into Texas with us, Julie!

is out now and you can get your copy from Foyles or your own preferred retailer.

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