Friday 6 October 2017


My May – September 2017 favourites

In my last favourites post I said I would return to monthly round-ups didn't I? Well, I absolutely failed at that one... It's not that there weren't any things to enjoy, but with work and life still being crazy busy I haven't had as much time on the weekends for blogging and taking photos as I would've liked so this is one series that has suffered as a result. I will try to do better the rest of the year (try being the operative word here), but for now here are some things I've thoroughly enjoyed recently, from an autumnal hand soap and a cosy scented candle to charcoal toothpaste tabs and my old Nintendo DS, which I've rediscovered.

Autumn & Candles

First things first, hello autumn you beautiful thing. After an unbearably hot summer (hey, we had at least two weeks of sunshine) I'm so glad you're back to bring all things cosy into my life. Wearing my flannel shirts and autumn boots have already brought me tons of joy, and I've been burning delicious scented candles since early September already, not gonna lie. One in particular that I discovered and have fallen head over heels in love with is the Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow candle from Primark, which comes in a gorgeous stone holder with a rose gold heart on it. After my first time burning it I *may* have gone back to the store to pick up three more to get me through the season, but don't tell anyone.

Monsoon Trousers

Another thing I've been loving for autumn are a pair of trousers I picked up in the sale at Monsoon (they're now sold out so I have no link, unfortunately). I first spotted them because of the decorative zip, which I absolutely loved, and when I put them on to try I was sold as they're so comfy. I love them so much, in fact, that I ended up picking up a second pair of this one too (hmm I see a pattern emerging here).

The Little Book of Lykke

Something else perfect for this season is the beautiful The Little Book of Lykke by Meik Wiking. I've spoken about this book several times on this blog already, including in my September Reads and Books to Curl Up With in Autumn, so I won't stand still by it too long again. However, I will reiterate that this inspiring book is the perfect comforting accompaniment for this season that will undoubtedly make you feel more positive just by having read it. Check out my full review here.

Autumn Spiced Strawberry Foaming Hand Soap

When I was in Canada last October I REALLY stocked up on Bath & Body Works products. So much so, that almost a year later I still haven't used everything up. This is great news, because it meant that when my foaming hand soap ran out a few weeks ago, I could grab a new one from the storage cupboard that was seasonally appropriate. And oh my I love this fresh, fruity and slightly spicy fragrance so much! It makes me want to wash my hands all day long...

Lush Boom Toothy Tabs

Another beauty product I've been loving these past few months are the charcoal Boom Toothy Tabs from Lush. They were recommended to me by a colleague and while I initially wasn't sure about these because of their chalky texture, I've gotten used to it and I actually like nibbling on a tab to create a coca cola-flavoured foam that works as a toothpaste. Charcoal is all the rage right now in beauty products and these tabs supposedly help whiten teeth. I cannot vouch for the science behind it, but I do think my teeth have become wither after using this product consistently for a few weeks. And did I mention it tastes like coca cola? Yum.

Nintendo DS

On the opposite end of beauty products, there are a few geeky things I've been enjoying too. When my brother and sister came to visit over the summer they brought me my old Nintendo DS (seriously old, I bought it in 2006 when I lived in Canada and worked at a Toys 'R' Us), which is still in perfect working condition. I've become obsessed with Guitar Hero especially, it's not quite the same as playing the normal version with a full-sized guitar but until the time I buy myself a gaming console it'll do. Are there any Nintendo DS games you recommend and/or any online places to pick up a few (second-hand) games for not too much?


Also of the geeky variety (sort of), I've been busy making my MacBook more personal by basically covering every inch in stickers of things I love (there are event stickers on the inside and bottom). Some of these are generic ones from Paperchase, but the bigger stickers are from a place called Redbubble. There is a huge variety on there and the more stickers you order the cheaper they are, so I'm kind of tempted to order even more of them and cover all my electronics in stickers now...Bonus points if you get all the references in the ones on my Mac!

And these were all my favourites from the last few months! What things have you been loving recently?

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