Monday 23 October 2017


How to Spend an Autumnal Day in London

Last October I was in Vancouver and the bright autumnal shades were out in full force. Spending this season in London isn't quite basked in the same kind of colourful scenery, however there are plenty of autumnal things you can see and do in the English capital as well as I have discovered in recent weeks. If you're also looking to make the most of the autumn time in London, here are my top tips for the best seasonal outings in the city!

Hampstead Heath

First things first, for the last few years I've made sure that I head out to Hampstead Heath in autumn time. This is a park I don't tend to venture to any other time of year, but in autumn it's covered in red and yellow, conker and acorn trees, and squirrels stocking up on food for winter time. I have only ever been to the south eastern part of the Heath because that is the easiest commute for me, however this time around we went to the west side which had a small deer sanctuary and a beautiful pergola. Unfortunately the autumn colours weren't quite out in full force just yet when we visited a few weeks ago, but the endless fields and little woodland patches still made for a wonderful environment for an autumn stroll and we did spot some bits covered in seasonal colours.

Richmond Park

Another area of London that is perfect for a crisp walk in the fresh autumnal air is Richmond Park. Similar to Hampstead Heath it has both fields and woodlands, however its main attraction (to me at least) is that it's filled with over 600 wild deer roaming around freely. I absolutely adore deer and so randomly coming across a majestic stag with a beautiful set of antlers poking out through the grass was pretty exciting. And woodland animals are very autumnal in their own right, aren't they?

Autumn Afternoon Tea

After all that walking a break is well-deserved, and what better way to do it than with the British past-time of afternoon tea? Finger sandwiches, scones, tea and cakes make for a delicious treat any season. but what makes the current offering in Emmeline's Lounge at Conrad St. James so special is that it's fully autumn themed. From mini candy apples and pumpkin tartlets to pheasant and toffee apple pasties, this scrumptious lunch brings all the colours and tastes of the season together into one delicious explosion of flavours.

Hit Up an Exhibit

One thing you can count on in London, is that in autumn time it'll inevitably rain a lot. So when the weather isn't being co-operative for a crisp stroll through Richmond Park or on Hampstead Heath, why not check out one of the many museums and art galleries that we're lucky to have in London but you normally perhaps don't take the time to check out? Many of them are free to enjoy, and I particularly recommend the National Portrait Gallery (especially the BP Portrait Awards), the National Gallery for more traditional masters, The Natural History Museum for animals and minerals, and the Victoria & Albert Museum for art and design throughout the ages.

And these are my autumnal tips to make the most of the season in London! If you have any recommendations to add do leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Such good tips! I've already been to Hampstead this year, but going to Richmond might be just the thing before all the colourful leaves are gone! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    1. Hope you get a chance to check it out Laura, Richmond Park is always worth a visit - if only for the deer :)

  2. I had no idea there was so much wildlife in London, LOL! And I would love to enjoy all of those delicious looking treats with an afternoon tea! Thank you for sharing this great post!

  3. A day at those parks seems really relaxing.. Too bad about missing the full autumn colors at the Hampstead Heath, though. I'm sure it was lovely. Nevertheless, the park still looks great! An afternoon tea sounds really delightful to end the day, too!

  4. I love that you highlighted places outside of Central London! Hampstead Heath seems like the cutest place ever!


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