Saturday 16 March 2013


Transworld Publishers Crime Event

On Wednesday I had the pleasure to visit Transworld Publishers for their special crime event in honour of the publication of Cath Staincliffe's second Scott & Bailey novel: 'Bleed Like Me'.

Never having ventured over to Ealing before of course I ended up getting us briefly lost but we still found the offices on time and were welcomed with gruesome looking (but delicious) cupcakes and a glass of wine. The evening was off to a good start, that's for sure!

Click on the link below for photos and my full report on the evening.

We had a great time chatting to the Transworld team about the publishing world and, of course, our favourite books before the interesting Q/A with Cath started which gave us readers a great insight into her writing process. Amongst others she revealed that the first drafts of her novels are written in longhand and that, no, she doesn't know who Rachel Bailey's mother is either. I normally write down Q/As more elaborately than this but I'd forgotten my notebook on the night. Also, I was on my third glass of wine at this stage ;)

The Q/A was followed by a book signing where we all got the chance to chat to Cath one on one and she was absolutely lovely! We were also treated to a Lebanese buffet, yum. I don't think I have ever had the pleasure of tasting Lebanese food before but I am now hooked as it was absolutely delicious. And yes, I went back for seconds.

The evening also provided us with the great opportunity to chat to other bloggers and book lovers and when we left we were even given a bag full of criminal goodies! I'm particularly looking forward to reading 'I Am Pilgrim' and will report back here when I've finished it.

Awesome clock in the Transworld offices

Many thanks to Yewande, September, Rachel and everyone else at Transworld who made this such a fab event!

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Follow Cath on Twitter: @CathStaincliffe


  1. Anonymous11/4/13 01:26

    So this what happens at Transworld?! Cupcakes, Lebanese buffet and good conversation - and they have always given me the impression it's nothing but work, work, work. I have just found your blog, which I am enjoying very much, and am very pleased they gave you that bag of criminal goodies. I also loved the photo of the clock, which I have never seen before. That's me at 1 o'clock. Hope you enjoy the book! Cheers, Terry

  2. Are you saying mingling with book lovers and eating cupcakes isn't hard work? ;) Thanks very much for reading and leaving a comment, I look forward to reading I Am Pilgrim!


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