Monday 30 September 2013


Arabelle Skin Sense's Whipped Body Creme

Orange Blossom is one of my go to ingredients in beauty products and so when I saw that it is the main element in one the fragrances offered by Arabelle Skin Sense in their range of Whipped Body Cremes I immediately knew this would be a cream I'd like to try myself.

The enticingly aromatic scent hits you as soon as you twist open the jar and when applying it on the skin it is briefly heavily scented until it evaporates and a fresh and light perfume lingers long after use. When I was using the body cream there was no need to add my regular Orange Blossom perfume and so it felt very much like a 2-in-1 approach.

As a moisturiser it did the trick too as it left my normally dry and tough skin looking healthy and hydrated. The fact that it's a whipped cream made it easier to apply than a body butter, and even a lotion, and within moments of coming in contact with my skin the product was absorbed, leaving a silky smooth surface.

In retrospect, I should've probably ventured outside of my comfort zone and tried one of the other fragrances the brand offers, such as Blackberry & Basil or Lime & Coriander, as this unique range sets Arabelle apart from other body creams out there. But with my love for the Orange Blossom scent I am happy that this is the one I opted for as its refreshing and uplifting qualities added to the appeal of the whipped body moisturiser.

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