Tuesday 18 March 2014


NPH Top Ten Perfect Styling Cream

I am used to having more bad hair days than good ones so whenever I come across a new styling product that promises to eliminate frizziness and make my hair feel silky smooth, I'm always keen to put it to the test. NHP is developed for professional salon use to care for dry, colour treated or brittle hair in need of nourishment to restore the internal balance and to condition the external structure of the hair shaft.

The Top Ten Perfect Styling Cream is their hero product, so to speak, and I had the opportunity to put it to the test. Even though it is technically a cream, it is also a spray and it's rich in organic argan and macadamia oil, silk proteins and panthenol. The product's name derivatives from the ten benefits it aims to achieve:

• Immediately imparts vitality and improves the visual appearance of the hair
• Repairs and nourishes dry and damaged hair
• Tames and eliminates frizziness
• Disentangles leaving the hair feeling silky and smooth
• Helps to reduce and prevent split ends
• Protects against heat styling damage
• Helps with brushing and straightening
• Improves body and volume
• Adds extra shine and protects colour
• Ensures a long-lasting perfect style

Argan oil is a hot ingredient in hair care at the moment; it promises to give the user silky smooth and frizz-free hair, almost as if by magic. While personally I haven't come across a product yet that can do that without an extensive treatment in a hair salon first, nor one that will last me all day, Top Ten comes close. Very close. Usually I have to scurry to the nearest mirror throughout the day to ensure my hair is still in tip top condition and add another few sprays of styling product to keep it in place, but when I was using the NHP styling cream I found that only towards the end of the day my hair started to look a little less in control, which is not bad going for a few quick spritzes as part of my morning hair routine.

What I loved foremost about Top Ten though is that it's a cream but a sprayable one; taking the best of both hairstyling worlds to make one easy to use and very effective product. My preference normally goes to creams as they work better than a spray, but the big risk with these is that the product clutters, as it is harder to spread out evenly, resulting in my hair feeling as if it's glued together in places. Anti frizz sprays on the other hand, while properly distributing the product, normally are weak and watery making them less effective as a styling product. This cream and spray hybrid combined the best elements of both options.

Not all ten benefits of the product are applicable to me and so I cannot testimony to the entire list of promised benefits, but the ones I find most important certainly ticked all the right boxes. My hair felt silky and smooth, was frizz free for (almost) the whole day, it had a pleasant fragrance and though I don't need it per se I noticed an added bounciness and volume to my hair. Also noteworthy is that the product is free from potentially irritating or aggressive synthetic ingredients such as SLES, DEA, parabens, paraffin and colourants. Plus the company aims to look out for the environment as all packaging is 100% recyclable and products are created using renewable and ecological sources of energy. Well done, NHP, well done.

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