Tuesday 30 July 2013


Red Tea Skin Natural Skin Therapy Face and Body bar & Glycerin Soap with Exfoliant

Red Tea Skin Natural Skin Therapy produces a range of products containing a blend of ingredients infused with red tea extract, high in anti-oxidants, with pure essential oils and vitamins. What the products do not contain are parabens, synthetic colours and other chemical ingredients you don't want on your skin.

I thought that the Gentle Cleansing Face and Body bar was a very satisfying soap to use. With a lovely gentle fragrance, reminiscent of that of baby products, and a creamy texture, it left my skin feeling smooth and soft. The soap, a cleanser and moisturiser combined into one, worked really well for my skin, which is normally on the dry side.

The Glycerin Soap with Exfoliant on the other hand, while sharing the same scent I've quickly fallen in love with and while also feeling soft and gentle, didn't gain any benefits from the added natural leaf exfoliant. It certainly makes the bar look attractive, but it is too gentle and would only be suited for the most superficial of exfoliations. Using it as a regular soap bar it still worked wonderfully, though, leaving my skin feeling very soft and smelling lovely.

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