Friday 18 December 2015


Breakfast at Richmond Tea Rooms in Manchester

When I went to Manchester for the first time a few months ago I was looking online for a place to have a nice sit-down breakfast with friends on a Sunday morning and I happened upon the Richmond Tea Rooms, which had on its menu things such as Eggs Benedict and a Maple Syrup & Bacon Pancake Stack, all for under £8 – I was sold!

What I didn't expect was how stunning the tea rooms would be; the inside is like stepping into a fairytale book, with brightly coloured mismatched furniture, beautiful vintage details, garland running across private nooks with lush velvet curtains and fluffy pillows, and wacky Alice in Wonderland themed elements hidden throughout.

So when I went back to Manchester last weekend we of course had to make a return and this time around I took some photos so you can all enjoy the gorgeousness that is the Richmond Tea Rooms.

Both times we visited we were situated in the Alice-themed section, but there was also a more masculine room with a proper bar. And, extra special, for the holidays there were Christmas trees and decorations scattered around as well, which made the already beautiful tea rooms even more stunning.

I previously had the pancake stack for breakfast and this time around I opted for the Eggs Royale. Both were absolutely stunning dishes and getting to savour them in these beautiful surroundings certainly added an extra element of enjoyment.

Let me take you on a trip down wonderland, showing the several themed rooms in the Richmond Tea Rooms....

I hope you enjoyed this tumble into wonderland via the Richmond Tea Rooms! If you love Alice in Wonderland, also check out my posts on the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the British Library and the Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea at Sanderson London.

For more information on the Richmond Tea Rooms, you can visit their website here.

This is not a sponsored blog post nor did I visit the tea rooms for review. I just genuinely love this place and wanted to share it with you all!

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