Wednesday 12 October 2016


The Disney X Cath Kidston Winnie the Pooh Collaboration

I love Cath Kidston and I love Disney, so when the two brands announced their collaboration I couldn't have been more excited. I signed up for the newsletter and pre-sale, and even cheekingly emailed the PR office to see if there would be a press viewing I could attend so my blog about the products could go live the same day it launched in shops. Sadly my emails went unanswered, so on Monday 26 September I counted down the hours until my lunch break instead to rush to the shops for an impromptu photo shoot of the collection that was absolutely flying off the shelves.

I had called both shops in my area that were selling the collection in the morning and since the helpful lady at the Flagship Store on 180 Piccadilly told me that they hadn't received the travel accessories yet and it could be another week, I opted to spend my lunch break going to the slightly further Covent Garden location first.

As soon as I arrived at the Cath Kidston store I spotted all the lovely Disney items, and the windows were also beautifully decorated with Winnie the Pooh and friends. I popped everything I wanted to buy in my basket first (not risking it would sell out before I got the things I wanted as this early on in the day some products had already been completely sold out) before taking a more thorough look at all the items and the beautiful Pooh Bear prints they were adorned with.

Even though it wasn't even 1pm yet and the store had only been open since 10am, they were already sold out of several of the more popular bags and clothing items from the collection, and one even sold out while I was browsing! Neither the online shop or the stores will be restocking any of the items as it's a limited edition range, and so those who managed to purchase what they had their eyes on are very lucky.

After work on the same day I of course had to go to the Piccadilly store too, to see how the collection looked there and in the hopes of finding the Melamine beaker, which I was keen to get and the Covent Garden store hadn't received in at all.

When I asked the shop assistant though they sadly told me they'd all sold out of that one, which was a shame. Especially because I could see all the other items I bought at Covent Garden and so I should've popped into Piccadilly during lunch instead. You live and learn!

I am very happy that I ended up going to Piccadilly as well though, as the collection was displayed more spacious there (better for photographs!) and they had lots of stunning decorations in the window display. They went all out and I love it!

Now, what did I actually end up buying I hear you ask? As the collection launched just five days before my trip to Canada, I of course had to get accessories to come along with me. I bought the passport holder (£8), luggage tag (£5), ticket card holder (£6) and cosmetics bag (£12, which I'm actually using for my electronics wiring), all from the Bramley and Sprig collection and they all came at very affordable price points.

While I would've liked something from the other designs as well, I missed out on the beaker (sad face, as Eyeore is my favourite Winnie the Pooh character) and none of the bag sizes/shapes quite caught my fancy this time around. I'm hoping that for the next collection they'll bring out a different range of items, as I'm especially keen on some beauty products and plimsolls with a Cath Kidston X Disney design.

And what have I learned from the experience? Next time I'll order online during the pre-sale for a more stress-free shopping experience. Though I will have to head into the shops as early as possible on launch day as well to blog about the collection!

The next Disney X Cath Kidston collaboration is Mickey and Minnie themed and will launch in shops and online on 5 December.

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