Monday 7 August 2017


An Immersive Night In With Sony and Currys PC World

Last month I had the pleasure of joining Sony and Currys PC World for an immersive night in at a vibrant London location, which meant a night of murder mystery mayhem, movie-themed cocktails and finger food, and dazzling acrobatics to showcase how you can create an epic cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home (or in very beautiful and cosy event space that I now want to move into!).

We were welcomed with Sex and the City-themed cocktails (they were pink, they were delicious, and they were so very strong) and a quiz card highlighting clues scattered throughout the room that all tied into famous movies. Throughout the night we'd be drinking, eating, seeing, reading and experiencing the clues to help our movie treasure hunt.

It was super lovely to meet a bunch of new bloggers (I was one of the first people there which is always a bit awkward but everyone was very nice and inclusive so it was all good!) to chat to while nomming on some delicious Alice in Wonderland-themed finger food (how gorgeous do the salmon blinis look? I definitely had my fair share of those...) and decipher the movie clues along the way.

And not only that but we were also treated to a demo of an incredibly immersive (ha, see what I did there?!) television, the Sony OLED 4K, where the entire screen served as a speaker so there was no need for seperate one. And the colours were amazing! And the size! It would most definitely be a massive upgrade to my current TV-watching habits, which is on a tiny MacBook Air screen... After admiring a movie trailer and travel photos on the gorgeous Sony OLED screen there were even some incredible acrobatics set to famous movie tunes ans well as a murder mystery!

I have played a murder mystery game once before where we were characters in the story (it was like a boardgame but more interactive) and I've seen murder mysteries in the theatre, but the team from Smoke & Mirrors really elevated the experience to the next level. Throughout the evening we had casual chats with the characters about who they were until tension started rising and there was a murrrderrrr. We then had only a few moments to figure out whodunnit – and let's just say I was not right, oops.

All in all it was an ace night and I was SUPER pleased when we were send the answers to the movie quiz afterwards and I discovered I had them all right! To be fair, I had scavenged for clues with some fellow bloggers on the evening, but I still felt very proud of my achievement. If you're keen to create your own immersive night in, check out this blog with top tips to help you set it up! And if you have any additional tips do leave them in the comments below.

Many thanks to Sony, Currys PC World and Joe Blogs for the invite to the event – I had a lovely time immersing myself into your movie-themed evening ♥

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