Wednesday 5 September 2018


A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood

Ever since I heard author Laura Wood talk about her debut young adult novel A Sky Painted Gold at this year's Scholastic Bloggers' Book Feast, I've been excited for this book to be released. A YA historical fiction set in Cornwall with Great Gatsby and I Capture the Castle vibes? Uhm yes please. And even though I read it a fair few months ago now and this review was delayed because of my new job and general life business, this is still one novel I keep recommending people to pick up, as it's a beautiful, summery escapism read (and also that cover! 😍).

Sixteen-year-old Lou lives in the Cornish countryside; her summer days being split between helping out at home taking care of her siblings, and sneaking off to the grand house on the island just off the coast which is filled with larger-than-life rooms and endless books for her to devour. But her blissfully quiet summer comes to an abrupt end when the Cardews unexpectedly return to Cornwall and take up residence in their rightful summer home, the big house which was Lou's sanctuary from her family life.

At first Lou is cross that they've taken her place away from her. But one day when she's hiding in one of the big trees on the property, admiring the glittering party filled with dazzling people, cocktails and music in the Cardew's garden, she's spotted. Soon an invite arrives at her house to officially meet Robert and Caitlin Cardew – and before Lou knows it she is swept off her feet into their glamorous world.

But while it's all riches, beautiful clothes, cute men and parties on the surface, there is a secret lingering just underneath, and Lou needs to decide between a carefree summer being dazzled by the Cardews and finding out the truth...

I devoured this wonderfully lush historical YA novel over the course of two very sunny Bank Holiday days and I couldn't have planned my reading escape more timely. The sizzling Cornwall summer perfectly fitted my own surroundings and it wasn't hard to imagine myself in this glittering world so vividly created by author Laura Wood. The Cornish countryside and Gatsby-esque parties on a private island just beyond sounded absolutely divine.

Even though A Sky Painted Gold isn't the kind of novel I'd normally pick up, I'm so very glad I did. It was a beautiful read filled with brilliantly atmospheric settings, delightful characters (feisty protagonist Lou was especially great, but I also loved the handsome Robert Cardew and his sweet sister Caitlin), a swoon-worthy romance and just enough drama to keep me on my toes throughout. It's a really wonderful coming-of-age read and one I'd very highly recommend.

A Sky Painted Gold
is published by Scholastic and you can get your copy now from Foyles or your own preferred retailer.

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