Friday 26 July 2019


Chambers: Multi-Dimensional Dining With Gingerline

[AD – invited] Immersive theatre experiences have become all the rage in recent years. From Alice's Adventures Underground underneath the Vaults in Waterloo through to slapstick comedy The Faulty Towers Dining Experience set in an actual hotel, there is something to enjoy for all stagey tastes. One company that has mastered the art of immersive adventures is Gingerline, well-known for their Chambers of Flavours series. They combine an imaginative theatrical journey into the unknown with a surprising fine dining experience.

Their latest experience, Chambers, is the fourth installment in the Chambers of Flavours series – and a continuation of the adventurous tale bringing audience members even further into the multi-verse, meeting new and absurd characters and creatures from different dimensions. As a first-time visitor it didn't feel like stepping mid-way into a story, however, Chambers can be enjoyed entirely on its own. Long-time fans will simply have the pleasure of enjoying subtle nods to past characters and storylines along the way.

Gingerline experiences are shrouded in mystery. From their location – somewhere along the London Overground line to which vague directions are released to visitors just a few hours before their experience – right down through to the story of the show and the dinner menu. Dietary requirements can be shared in advance and the menu will be adapted accordingly for each attendee, but that's the extend of the influence audience members have over the adventure they're about the embark on.

And what an adventure it is. In the bar, before the experience has even officially started, you meet the first characters that will play a pivotal role throughout your mysterious journey and from there it's a walk, climb, and more through different dimensions in the multi-verse, each introducing a new part of the story – and a matching dish to enjoy. There are seven different locations and six different food items, and each is more surprising and interesting than the one before. This is not a show where you're able to guess what's about to happen next, it stays unexpected throughout ranging from sinister to cheerful to mysterious.

A huge part of Gingerline's concept is the secretive atmosphere (though for someone as curious as me, and a control freak to boot, not even knowing where to go until a few hours before the show was about to start wasn't easy), making it tricky to even write about the experience without giving anything away. What is the story of the multi-verse? I really can't tell you, you'll have to dive in for yourself. And what is the food like? They're fascinating flavour combinations going well beyond a simple chicken and potatoes dinner, but beyond that my lips are sealed.

Whether you're an adventurous foodie, a theatre fan looking for something more interactive and immersive than sitting still for 2.5 hours, or you're simply interested in experiencing something unlike anything else in London, the different dimensions within Chambers are the place to be for culinary, stagey, and adventurous explorers alike. So be courageous and journey into the flavourful multi-verse for just one night. That is, if you can find your way back out...

Chambers is currently taking bookings until 28 September 2019. Get your tickets here.

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