Saturday 22 January 2011


Review: Pieces of My Heart by Sinéad Moriarty

My edition: Paperback, published in 2011 by Penguin, 436 pages.

Description: Ava is a wife, lover, mother, daughter, friend, fixer, boss... So many different people, in fact, she no longer knows what it means to be herself. Not that anyone will let her - not her work-obsessed husband, not her tearaway daughter, not her out-of-control dad, not even her sassy-but-lonely best friend. There's always someone needing something from her. She's trying to do her best for all of them but lately feels like she can't make everyone happy.

And that's before she discovers that her elder daughter, Alison, is in deep, deep trouble. Can Ava keep hold of the most precious pieces of her heart? And what will happen if she loses one?


Pieces of my Heart is an amazing novel realistically depicting the problems a seemingly average family goes through. A lot of the issues raised (most notably the sibling dynamic and its impact on both sisters, and the father putting his work before his family) felt very close to home for me and reading about them on the pages was an absolute eye-opener. Despite the sometimes difficult and heavy topic matter there were also much needed light-hearted moments to balance the story and make sure the book didn't become one big dramatic sobfest. Overall the novel was very touching and real, not sugar-coating anything the characters go through, making the book one I would highly recommend.


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