Tuesday 13 September 2011


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I'm a 30-year-old Dutch girl living in London and I spend the majority of the hours outside of my day job devouring books, going to the theatre, and growing my blog with great content and photography. While I don't cover all the shows I see or books I read, I do highlight those I love so I can help spread the word about them. If I was given the opportunity to review something, I will of course always cover that on my blog in an honest, in-depth blog post.

Over the years my tastes have understandably changed and so has the focus of this blog, which now also contains content around lifestyle. This includes products I love, blogging events, London top tips, and restaurants and destinations I've visited that I highly enjoyed and would recommend to my readers.

As of April 2016 on average I receive 7,500-10,000 visits a month and I've been eyeballed over 850,000 times on Google+

You can also find my reviews on Woman's World (for which I used to be the editor for my day job), Novelicious, Lovereading, Realreaders, Handbag and in Heatworld Magazine.


I am PR-friendly and if you work on a show, brand, book or destination that you believe aligns with this blog and readership, do have a look at my review policy and then contact me on pagetostagereviews@gmail.com.

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