Thursday 6 February 2014


Limited edition shower crèmes from Imperial Leather

I cannot resist a product called "limited edition" and I'm sure I'm not alone with this. It evokes the feeling of something luxurious and special which I have to get my hands on before supplies run out and I don't get the chance to try it. So when I heard about the new limited edition range of shower crèmes from Imperial Leather my curiosity was certainly piqued.

The British staple goes back to the 18th century, when a Russian nobleman commissioned a brand of perfume named Eau de Cologne Imperiale Russe from Bayleys of Bond Street in London. The famous soap wasn't created until the 1930s though and the brand really gained momentum during the second World War when it became the soap of choice for many Britons because the bar was said to last longer than those of competitors. Nowadays they produce a variety of toiletry products, from body and hand washes to bath crèmes and shower gels.

For this review I tried the limited edition Mesmerising Shower Crème and Tempting Shower Crème, two new exotic inspired additions to the range. The main ingredients in the Mesmerising Shower Crème are shea butter and honeysuckle, and while they sound very gentle I actually found this product to be quite strong and masculine in fragrance, something I wasn't expecting from a tropical range.

True to its name however I was instantly tempted by the Tempting Shower Crème and its striking blue bottle. Laced with the scents of guava and lotus flower, it certainly evoked the feeling of being transported to an exotic destination - one where we were surrounded by the vibrant colours of tropical flowers and the sparkling turquoise ocean just a few feet away. Sadly, upon opening my eyes the sunshine instantly disappeared, but the delicate scent of the shower crème didn't as it pleasantly lingered after use.

Both shower crèmes are thick in consistency and lather well, making a little bit go a long way. The scents of each are very different - one feminine, the other more masculine - so whether you like a strong fragrance or prefer a fruity one, there will be a suitable option for you. I believe they're perfect as 'his' and 'hers', so you can treat both yourself and your partner to a limited edition tropical shower experience.

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