Wednesday 26 February 2014


Blog tour: Interview with Rosie Blake

Rosie Blake's very funny debut novel How to Get a (Love) Life was published on January 29 (read my review here) and I'm super excited to be welcoming the lovely lady herself her to my blog today for a little Q&A.

Congratulations on the publication of your debut novel! Can you tell us what How to Get a (Love) Life is about?

Thank you! Indeed I can – I can't resist telling strangers so it's a relief to be asked to share. Normally I just do without the prompting. Ahem. It's the story of Nicola Brown, an uptight and introverted young woman who has never had a date on Valentine’s Day. Following a bet with a work colleague, Nicola has to put aside her hang ups to go on as many dates as she possibly can in order to find the perfect man in time for February 14th.

Can you tell us a little bit about what your journey to published author has been like?

The usual – fraught with obstacles, tears, frustration, learning curves and a few failed attempts in drawers. Although I started writing ten years ago, I really started to focus on it after 2008 following a win in a writing competition. That gave me the boost and belief I needed to finish the book I had been writing and submit it. I got awesome feedback and devoured books, tips and all sorts about writing. I read an enormous amount (I still do) and started on another idea. Sending it in to the very first Novelicious Undiscovered competition was a big step for me, and it got some great comments. Then, a couple of years later, Kirsty contacted me to ask what came of the manuscript. When she wanted to read the full I knew something big had happened and when I signed the contract I of course ... cried.

What does an average writing day look like for you?

There is no such thing as I have a full-time job so I write late at night, on weekends, on holidays and whenever else I need to. I write best in the morning or evening so know now to stop procrastinating in the afternoon and do something else.

Do you have any goss on the guys in your novel? Are any of them inspired by Ryan Gosling?

There are a whole range of men in the book as Nicola has to date so many frogs to (maybe) help her stumble across her prince. A few are perhaps inspired* by real-life characters and, yes, a man did spend a date showing me 100 headshots and asking me to rate my top five. That actually happened.

*read as "men I wish to get revenge on"

How to Get a (Love) Life could be the title of a self-help book, so do you have any final tips and tricks for us on how to get a love life?

Oooh *rubs hands in glee, puts on best smug face* ...

I think you have to be buddies with your man so if you can't be yourself with him (and I'm afraid I mean totally yourself i.e – wearing a onesie while you eat an entire Black Forest Gateaux and watch Charmed season two with no shame), there is no point. Also if he can't laugh at himself run ... take to the hills and RUN.

Thank you very much to Rosie for stopping by my blog today! Her first novel, How to Get a (Love) Life, is published by Novelicious Books and is out now. You can (and should) buy a copy from and

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