Tuesday 23 September 2014


Bach Original Flower Remedies' Everyday Essence Kit

Bach Original Flower Remedies have launched their Everyday Essence Kit, which aims to help busy people to overcome tired and overwhelmed feelings. The set includes Olive (for when you feel tired after making an effort), White Chestnut (for when you struggle to switch off or have repetitive thoughts), Walnut (for when you find it hard to adapt to change), Mimulus (for when you are shy or feel worried about something), Rock Rose (for when you are overwhelmed by fear or terror) and Aspen (for when you feel fearful or unsettled but don't know why).

The first thing I noticed when receiving the kit is that the case containing the floral remedies looks beautiful and luxurious, emanating the feel of something truly exquisite. The product within matched the classic exterior, with vintage-style labels adorning the apothecary bottles and old-fashioned pipettes completing the look.

It is recommended to add two drops of an essence to a drink of your choice and then sip this regularly for the remedy to be able to take effect. I mostly added it to my non-flavoured water and while I initially detected a hint of something that tasted vaguely alcoholic, I soon didn't notice the difference anymore between a plain water or one that had an essence added to it.

While I find the effectiveness difficult to judge, rather than being a short-term fix it should help after continuous use, out of the ones I have tried it's Aspen that stood out to me. If you're worried but aren't entirely sure what the reason for this is so you can't 'fix' it, I found that just two to four drops of the essence throughout the day make me feel calmer than I had been previously. I would also recommend the White Chestnut if you have trouble going to sleep, as it'll make it easier to turn off and relax before drifting off into a stress-free slumber.

Whether the calming qualities of the products I have trialled were entirely due to the floral remedies or a combination of the essences and a mental placebo boost I'm not sure. Whatever the science, it did the trick for me and I'll happily continue to add a few drops of one of the essences to my drink when I feel overwhelmed or worried.

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