Friday 7 November 2014


PapayaGold's PAW PAW balm

This balm isn't intended to soothe the paws of your precious pet, instead the name refers to Australia's tropical Paw Paw (more widely known as papaya), which is used to create the ointment. The moisturising product is also enriched with bioactive Manuka Honey 20+, farmed in the country next door to Oz; New Zealand, and is free from harming ingredients such as parabens and sulphates.

Lacking colour, odour and taste, in the first instance the look and feel of the product when opening the lid was similar to that of a tub of Vaseline. However, it's far less greasy and more thick in consistency, making it perfect to apply to visible areas of the skin, such as on your face, without leaving an unsightly filter of grease behind, or sticking to your clothes.

When trialling the ointment I found that it was wonderful to use on tougher areas of my skin, such as my knees and the back of my heels, as it not only soothed but also softened. And this wasn't after consistent use either, just two of three applicants made a world of difference for me. It also worked wonders as a moisturiser on my face and limbs, though foremost this has very quickly become my lip balm of choice.

I love a good balm or gloss to treat my lips and prevent them from chapping, especially in the current biting autumn weather. While I was happy with the brand I was using before, it didn't last as long as this one does. The PAW PAW balm rarely needed topping up throughout the day, which is perfect for me as I always forget to do this until it's too late.

Also good to note is that the product comes in a bright red travel-sized, sturdy tube, which makes it ideal to pop into your favourite handbag. It's small enough as to not take up unnecessary space and the popping colour means it's easy to spot, even if your bag is filled to the brim with random bits and bobs.

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