Monday 19 December 2016


A Very Christmassy Evening at Walker Books

For the last bookish event of 2016, I was delighted to join the Walker Books team for their very Chrismassy evening last week. They revealed some of their most exciting Spring/Summer 2017 titles with authors Katherine Webber (Wing Jones) and Non Pratt (Truth or Dare), and a very special cover of Lauren James' upcoming novel The Loneliest Girl in the Universe, which sounds so very amazing.

Walker Books are one of my favourite publishers of children's and young adult books, and I love their blogger gatherings. The team and authors are brilliant at sharing their passion and enthusiasm for upcoming titles so I cannot wait to read them for myself (even if, often, I have to wait for many months for the books to actually come out).

After the Summer Picnic and last year's Spring/Summer Showcase, this time around we got a sneak peek at some of the most anticipated titles publishing as far ahead as September 2017. There are so many goodies in there, but I wanted to highlight my favourites below (aka the ones that I MUST get my hands on the day of publication!).

Wing Jones by Katherine Webber (5 January 2017)

This is a book I already had my eye on before the event and when I saw on the invite that the author would be attending I couldn't RSVP quick enough! It was a delight to hear her speak about her first novel (written during NaNoWriMo no less) and the writing process. Some fun facts for you: the first draft of Wing Jones included a 6,000 word long make-up out scene (now, sadly, cut down) and Katherine said she found her second book a little easier to write because she knew she had editors to help her make her book stronger. I didn't pick up a proof at the event, however I have received an email from the publisher that I am lucky enough to receive a review copy and I cannot wait to read it as soon as I get back to London in the new year!

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (28 February 2017)

I'm going to be completely honest here and say that this book didn't seem entirely up my street at first, however, after hearing the author talk about it with such passion and conviction in a video I am now absolutely sold. This powerful and very important book was inspired by the Black Lived Matters movement and looks at what prejudice looks like in the 21st century. Very timely and much needed.

Release by Patrick Ness (4 May 2017)

This one was described as Mrs Dalloway (set during a single day) meets Judy Blume's Forever (lots of sex). Author Patrick Ness apparently always likes to challenge himself when writing a new novel and this time around he wanted to create an emotional book. We know little about it yet, other than that it's quite a personal and autobiographical novel. However, something very cool that was mentioned is that Patrick always writes the first word and last word of a new book first, before he writes everything that comes in between. Talk about setting yourself a challenge!

Truth or Dare by Non Pratt (1 June 2017)

Non is a much-loved young adult author, however I haven't yet read any of her books *hides in shame* In 2017 I hope to rectify this because contemporary young adult Truth or Dare sounds AMAZING! Non said that the question at the heart of the book is: "what does it take to be brave?" Described as for fans of Rainbow Rowell, John Green and Holly Bourne at the event I am sold.

Tell it to the Moon by Siobhan Curham (3 August 2017)

The Moonlight Dreamers was one of the most wonderful YA books I read this year, focusing on the power of friendship. I'm thrilled a second book will be coming out in the series next year, and we'll have the chance to find out more about its four very different central characters Amber, Maali, Sky and Rose. From the introduction at the event it sounds like the girls will have many problems and hardships to deal with in the upcoming book, but I hope (and think) that through the power of their friendship and encouraging each other to be braver, they will be able to face the adversaries on their paths.

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James (7 September 2017)

Romy is the only one still alive on a space ship that will take at least another 30 years to reach its foreign destination. She's never felt the wind, or the ground beneath her feet. She's resigned to the fact that she will be alone her entire life until NASA gets in touch that technology has evolved so much that they are sending a new ship in the same direction that is much faster and will be able to meet her, shortening the trip to just 3 years. She's able to get in touch with the boy on the other space ship, J, and as he travels towards her they get to know each other. Then another bombshell hits: NASA gets in touch one last time to say a world war has broken out on earth and they have to cut all communications. Now Romy and J are alone in the universe together.

How exciting does this sound?! So fresh and so intriguing, I don't know how I'm going to wait until September to read it. We also got a VERY special sneak peek at the cover and oh my gosh *grabby hands*

Thanks so much to Walker Books for another ace event and publishing so many brilliant sounding books in 2017! And guys, be sure to also check out the brand new @WalkerBooksYA on Twitter, 'cause they're ace.

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