Friday 2 December 2016


My Month in Favourites – November 2016

After the awesomeness that was October, filled with autumn fun and Canada, I though most of November would be me longing to go back on holiday or looking forward to my visit to the Netherlands for the holidays. While there was certainly some of that, November has been an unexpectedly brilliant in its own right. This month's favourites are pretty heavy on the TV, film and Harry Potter related fun with a special event at The Harry Potter Studios, the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premiere, Moana, Gilmore Girls, and Planet Earth 2.

Harry Potter Studios

I don't mention Harry Potter as often on my blog as I do in real life but I am a HUGE fan of the series having grown up on the books. I reread them all this year and it reignited my utter passion for the wizarding world, so you can imagine my excitement when I received an invite to a special Hogwarts in the Snow event at the Harry Potter studios! I'd been once before but that was a few years ago and I'd been itching to go back to see the new additions (including the Hogwarts Express), and there wasn't a more magical time to return than with the Studios decked out for the festive season.

The Great Hall was jaw-droppingly gorgeous, the Christmas cards in the Gryffindor common room were adorable, the snow falling down outside on top of the Knight Bus had me squee in excitement, and seeing Hogwarts itself covered in a dusting of snow made me feel like I'd wandered straight into JK Rowling's imagination. I have a lot of pictures from the incredible evening and a full blog will follow next week.

And on a wizarding side note, my friend won the Friday Forty lottery for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play last week so I am going to see both parts in the theatre back-to-back tomorrow, OMG!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Speaking of Harry Potter... a brand-new movie set in the same world came out this month and I had the privilege of going to the premiere here in London. I haven't been to many premieres and previews lately but this one was top of the wish list and I am so pleased I managed to go as it was everything I could've hoped for and then some. Eddie Redmayne was absolutely perfect as bumbling magizoologist Newt Scamander – and I adore his story so much.

I am a Gryffindor but seeing a brilliant character like Newt take centre stage makes me love Hufflepuff a lot more, so much so that Newt's scarf and wand have already made it onto my Amazon wish list for Christmas. Also, the hints to the world we know and love with mentions of Grindelwald and Lestrange made me absolutely squee in delight. Even though the film only just came out, I already can't wait for the next one!

Disney's Moana

I just mentioned I don't go to the cinema often anymore and here I am mentioning another film! This movie wasn't on my radar too much this year (other than being a Disney and Lin-Manuel Miranda collaboration) but thanks to the awesome guys at Den of Geek hosting a special preview in Central London I got to check it out – and it was brilliant.

I loved the story and the fact that this wasn't a typical romance-princesses film, but instead showed a kick-ass female protagonist. Most of all though, I absolutely adored the music and I've been listening to How Far I'll Go, We Know The Way and You're Welcome (who knew the Rock could sing?!) on repeat on YouTube as they're so ace. The actress who plays the titular character was just 15 years old when filming and her voice is already so powerful and stunning, I hope we'll hear a lot more from her.

Brunch at Christopher's

The same day I went to see Moana, myself and some friends went out for brunch at Christopher's Grill near Covent Garden to celebrate another friend's birthday and it was SO good. The menu alone looked incredible and it was impossible to choose just one dish so uh... I had two (though I did share one of the two): Buttermilk Pancakes With Bacon & Maple Syrup and Warm Brioche French Toast With Warm Peach, Vanilla Mascarpone & Maple Syrup.

Both dishes were scrumptious and this is definitely a place I'd like to return to for brunch. I also really liked the look of one of my friend's orders: Avocado & Tomato Toast With a Poached Egg, Lime, Chili, Flax Seeds and Walnut Pesto.

Planet Earth 2

TV-wise I've been really digging Planet Earth 2 on the BBC. I never saw the original Planet Earth series (which obviously I need to rectify asap) and so I didn't know how incredible it would until I randomly came across the second episode of the new series. And I've been hooked since. Mountains has definitely been my favourite episode so far as I adore mountains anyway, especially when there is snow and ice as well, of which there was a plenty in the episode. However, each episode has been absolutely stunning and awe-inspiring to watch. In a tumultuous time for the world, a beautiful insight into nature and the planet gives so much needed perspective.

Gilmore Girls

Another show that I, of course, HAVE to included in my November favourites is the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix. I'd coincidentally rewatched the entire series last summer (before a revival was on the cards) and like my reread of Harry Potter it reignited my utter love for the show. I grew up watching it with my mum, and the nostalgia – both during the rewatch and the revival – was huge.

Despite those Last Four Words (which are only there to set up another series, right?!) I loved everything about the Netflix revival; Stars Hollow, seeing all the familiar faces again, crying with laughter over Kirk's schemes, Jess, awesome new guest stars, and of course the stars of the show: the Gilmore girls themselves; Emily, Lorelai and Rory. It's crazy to realise it was nine years since that faithful last season, as the six hours I spent back in Stars Hollow last Friday night (until the wee hours of Saturday) made it feel like it was just yesterday since the show ended.

Still one of my absolute favs. ♥

What were your favourite things in November?

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