Monday 19 June 2017


Inspirational Street Art – A Photo Tour of the Bees Buzzing Around Manchester

The worker bee has been a symbol for Manchester dating back to the Industrial Revolution and can be found on bins, Town Hall, and even the city's Coat of Arms. So it's unsurprising that this Mancunian symbol has been popping up in new street art across the city to show its strength and unity in the aftermath of the horrifying attack in Manchester Arena last month. When I visited Manchester last weekend I saw many of the beautiful works by graffiti artists such as Qubek, alongside touching drawings from children and even an anonymous Canadian chalk painting showcasing global solidarity for the people of Manchester ♥

(The Koffee Pot on Oldham Street)

(Stevenson Square)

(Tib Street / Church Street)


(Piccadilly Gardens)

Seeing such a variety of beautiful art pop up to show the strength and solidarity of the people of Manchester in the face of adversity really is inspirational. A city united indeed ♥

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