Friday 29 September 2017


Highlights From the Bloggers Festival 2017

Blogging events are the perfect place to connect with like-minded people, be inspired by bloggers who have done something new and exciting in the field, and discover blog-friendly brands to potentially work with. I really enjoyed the Bloggers Festival organised by Scarlett London last year, so when the return of the event was announced my friend Laura and I immediately booked our tickets. I arrived just as it was about to start, allowing little time for networking with other attendees this time around, unfortunately, however I did have the chance to meet some great brands I love to highlight in this post!


The very first stand we spotted was SanDisk, which was right up my street as all my camera and phone SD cards are from them, and so are the majority of the USB sticks I own. My digital memories are hugely important to me on a personal level and as a blogger so I don't want to take any risks with them, and with SanDisk I know I get a quality product. What was especially cool is that they told us about a new product that sounds like a blogger's dream; the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0. This nifty device lets you quickly transfer files between an Android phone or tablet to a computer (there is an Apple equivalent too but since I have an Android this one is perfect for me). I was especially excited to discover that it would even remember the last files transferred so you don't have to transfer it all over again.

Chelsea Candle

Next up was the GORGEOUS Chelsea Candle. I love a good scented candle at the best of times (and especially in Autumn and Winter), but the beautiful fragrance that emanated from this stall was something else. I gave each different scent a good sniff (for ~research~ of course) and they were all divine, but I especially loved the festive ones on display; Mistletoe and Mulled Wine. The spicy and woody scents of the season are always my favourites and these were especially good ones so I'll be checking them out online for sure.


I do love discovering smaller brands at these kind of events I would've normally perhaps never come across, and one of my favourites this time around was BearHugs. You know that exciting feeling when you receive an unexpected card or parcel from a loved one filled with kind words and sweet gifts? I certainly do. I've been exchanging postcards with my mum on a regular basis ever since I left the country after uni to travel for a few years and the habit stuck. Even in today's digital age (or perhaps, because of it) I love receiving snail mail and it always manages to brighten my day. BeaHugs has turned this comforting feeling into a product by allowing users to send carefully curated gift boxes (that are personalisable too) to loved ones. Who wouldn't want to send or receive a hug in a box?

Natalie Lea Owen

Another delightful small business I discovered at the Bloggers Festival is Natalie Lea Owen. Her bright illustrations were displayed on a range of stationery at the event, and I loved how the colours just popped off the designs. They were creative and unique, making for the perfect gifts for the festive season (which is really not that far away now) – or to treat yourself. The online shop also has a bunch of other products, such as tote bags, tea towels and greeting cards, so you'll be sure to find something for anyone to enjoy!


Combining my love for beautiful designs and candles is Melitarose! How absolutely gorgeous is the packaging for these? It's perfect to brighten up any dark place in the house both with its design and lovely variety of fragrances. I had a browse of their website too and especially love the sound of Champagne Pomegranate, Chocolate Orange, Cranberry Orange and Cinnamon (perfect for Christmas), Frankincense & Black Cherry, and Wildflower & Bergamot.


I have a lot of Sterling Silver jewellery that lives in various cups and pots on my dresser, but annoyingly if I leave them out in the open too long they stain (I know I can clean them, but the process is a bit of a pain) so I am in some serious need of proper jewellery storage. Stackers is a gorgeous brand I spoke to at the event that has created a whole host of different jewellery storage solutions in the most divine colours that look perfect in blog photos too! From marble towers to pastel boxes, they have it all. I'm already eyeing the Duck Egg Classic Jewellery Box, Pyramid Peak and Small Trinkets Layer. Be right back, I need to update my wish list...

7th Heaven

Last but certainly not least is a favourite brand I have met at a past blogger event already and I was excited to see again: 7th Heaven. They are the kings of masks, and not just facemasks but they also do masks for eyes, hair and even feet! This time around though they were sharing one of their newer products: the charcoal peel-off. Charcoal is a big hit right now in beauty products (in fact I'm using charcoal toothy tabs from Lush as my toothpaste currently) because of its purifying qualities. I don't know the science behind it all, but I do know that it looks fun and I cannot wait to try it out!

And that's it for my favs at the event this time around! I love the diversity of the brands we got to meet and my wish list has grown a lot as a result... Meanwhile though, we were lucky enough to be given gifts at some stands and a bag of delights at the end too, so I have some exciting products to test. Thanks to all the brands at the event and to Scarlett for organising it ♥

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