Wednesday 4 December 2019


The Christmas Countdown is on... Getting Festive & Heartfelt with Moonpig

Happy December! 🎄 I have some very festive posts planned for this month, so sit back with a freshly baked mince pie and a hot chocolate and get ready for seasonal fun and recommendations. While for most people November is tinsel-free, I've been spending the last few weeks wrapping gifts and writing Christmas cards while listening to Josh Groban's "Noël" (the best seasonal album of all time), exhausting Netflix's Christmas catalogue, and I even joined the team of personalised card and gifting company Moonpig for a full-on festive event (#invited). There was a real-life Santa, fun workshops, and the opportunity to pet a polar bear. My festive season may have peaked before the official start of December...

I was invited to the event by my lovely friend Laura and it was such a joy to spend the evening with her, as always. We met up a little earlier for a hot chocolate to get in the festive spirit, and the wonderful barista at Pret a Manger gifted me a "Melting Marvin" snowman biscuit and my heart melted as if I had received a warm hug from Olaf himself. At Moonpig HQ we were welcomed with a roaring alpine lodge fire (digital, but still super cosy), delicious passion fruit cocktails, and a food spread that makes the average Christmas dinner table pale in comparison. 🤤

Drinks topped up and with plates full of festive deliciousness we took a seat in front of the crackling fire as the team told us about their upcoming Christmas campaign focused on personal giving. What sets Moonpig apart from other brands is how customers (1 of 3 people in the UK have used their service before by the way, wowsers) can customise the surprise they're picking out for a loved one. That personal touch is what makes their cards and gifts so heart-warming and forever-keepsakes. #HeartfeltwithMoonpig indeed.

While of course it's great to hear about their cool offerings, it's even more fun to try them out for ourselves – and we did with two wonderful workshops (the third, cocktail making, we unfortunately didn't have time for because of trains). First up Laura and I went into a green screen photo booth and with the click of the button turned our photo into a Christmas display. I also took a second photo with a polar bear (spoiler alert: he was a part of the green screen too) because I am unable to pass on an icy landscape. I then personalised the photo and added a message inside, and send it to my mum who was delighted when she received my personal photo card.

Taking a short break to say "hi" to Santa, we went on to make our very own flower centre pieces and uhm, is it too late in life for me to retrain as a florist? Because this is the most fun I've had in ages! Moonpig has a service where you can order flowers online to send to a friend (or yourself!) and the box comes flat-packed for the letterbox, which is so clever. And while I've enjoyed flowers I've been send in the past by putting them in a vase, I never considered cutting them up to make my own arrangements. It's such a fab idea though, again adding that personal touch that makes the gift so unique. Three cute vases, ribbons tied around their tops, and some careful snipping of the scissors later I was the proud owner of three gorgeous centre pieces I made with my own hands. Amazing.

All in all, it was a fab event and it truly got me in the festive – and giving – mood. Huge thanks to team Moonpig for hosting the wonderfully festive event and to team Search Laboratory (& Laura) for the invite. You can make your own personalised cards here and you check out their flowers & plants (including the flat boxes) here.

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