Wednesday 18 December 2019


Papergang: Ohh Deer's Subscription Box for Stationery Lovers

Subscription boxes have been all the rage in 2019. Beauty products, books, tea, fresh produce... you name it and there is probably a weekly or monthly box you can subscribe to cater to all your needs. However, one that I thought had been sorely missing from the options was one for stationery lovers. Until Instagram read my brain and I got an ad for Papergang, the subscription box from paper company Ohh Deer – and I was sold.

The reason this box caught my attention first and foremost was the gorgeous winter design for the one I ended up ordering. Each box has a special theme from a different artist, and last month it was illustrator Kong-Yew Wong who got the honours, and what a beautiful concept he came up with! He perfectly captures the feeling of 'hygge' synonym with the colder, cosy months in his adorable wintery landscapes.

Like other subscription boxes, this one comes with a booklet detailing the contents – and the November box was jam-packed with high-quality paper treats to make any stationery's heart sing with seasonal joy. The monthly calendar page is perfect for a bullet journal or diary, the Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and gift tags have already found their way into my festive wrapping – and the notebook, washi tape (another bullet journal staple), and coaster I'm planning to enjoy throughout this month and into 2020.

The subscription box is flat enough to fit through a regular mailbox (which is perfect for me as I ALWAYS have issues with my post and if packages are left out they sometimes disappear), so not only is Papergang a beautiful box to receive and enjoy, it's a convenient one too. And, for every four boxes sold, they plant a tree as well. So not only are you treating yourself (or a loved one) to some awesome paper goods, but you can feel good about it too.

At £14 a box, including shipping, this is one that doesn't have to break the bank either. You can order a one-off box here if you want to give it a try first – as it's super easy to pause or cancel the subscription if you just want to give it a whirl. Disclaimer: this is a referral code and for each two orders made through it I receive a free box (and once you've placed your first order you can do the same to earn some free boxes as well!).

While I am already sold on Papergang and I'll definitely continue to enjoy it, I'd love to know what else is out there. What are some of your favourite subscription boxes, stationery or otherwise? Leave your suggestions in the comments below – as we can all use recommendations to treat a friend, or ourselves, over the holidays and into the new year 💚💚💚

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