Friday 9 May 2014


Dinner at Rub Diner & Milk Bar

If you have a craving for some deliciousness of the speedy variety, but don't necessarily want to visit one of the fast food chains dotted around the capital, then Rub Diner & Milk Bar might be just the thing for you. The restaurant is based in North London and claims to specialise in slow cooked food delivered fast.

The eatery opened its doors last summer and is currently undergoing a major refurbishment, which is to transform the intimate dining space into a more comfortable eating area. When we visited they were in the middle of the refurb and so the atmosphere was a bit lacking, but we hope that once finished the home-from-home look and feel the diner is aiming for will be that of a comfy and classy home, rather than a shabby one.

The restaurant serves an array of American diner style food - from spicy buffalo wings served with creamy blue cheese dip to sticky brioche with pulled pork - and so we couldn't start the meal with anything but a proper shake. Faced with the choice between chocolate and double chocolate (amongst others), friend went with the latter while I opted for the slightly safer former variety. The drink was thick and creamy and tasted just like a good ice cream, making it the perfect start to what would be an indulgent meal.

From the food menu we chose two types of burgers with a side order of onion rings, fries and sweet potato fries, though when the plates with mountain-like burgers arrived we realised that perhaps we'd ordered slightly too much for just two people.

Rub Diner being known for their slow cooked food, I tried the Piggy Back Burger, which is their basic burger with an added generous helping of perfectly succulent 10-hour cooked pulled pork. It made a tasty and hearty combination with the thick, juicy burger patty, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cheese and gorgeous homemade burger sauce. The burger was stacked high though, which not only made it impossible to eat it in a dignified manner, but try as I might I also couldn't finish it.

My friend chose the even bigger Smoke Stack, which was all of the above with added smoked sausage and smoked bacon. Needless to say, despite her applaud-worthy efforts, her plate didn't get polished off either. We did finish both side orders of fries and our favourite was hands-down the sweet potato variety; perfectly crispy and with a delicious bite we would've happily devoured another portion (if we hadn't been so full already). The onion rings were unfortunately not as successful as they were flavourless and greasy, but with the wealth of other food on the table this wasn't a huge miss.

What the restaurant lacked in atmosphere and personality during the refurb was more than made up for by the helpful and friendly staff serving us on the night. And with generous portions of swiftly served feel-good food, this diner is on the road to becoming a comfy home-from-home.

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