Sunday 25 May 2014


Sunday post #28

Sunday is when I sit back with a lovely cup of tea and write about all the wonderful new books I've received and purchased in the past week. This post participates in fab memes Showcase Sunday and Stacking the Shelves.

1984 by George Orwell (free)
Apocalypse Next Tuesday by David Safier (review copy)
Black Dog Summer by Miranda Sherry (Head of Zeus party)
Dear Thing by Julie Cohen (won from Laura's Little Book Blog)
The Extra Ordinary Life of Frank Derrick, Age 81 by J.B. Morrison (review copy)
The Swimmer by Joakim Zander (Head of Zeus party)
The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me by Lucy Robinson (review copy)
Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon (won from BookMinxSJV)
Tiger Milk by Stephanie de Velasco (Head of Zeus party)
Waiting For Doggo by Mark B. Mills (review copy)

I am so thrilled with this week's book haul! Each and every one of the titles above are ones I'm tremendously excited for - and those I've already read were real winners. Funnily enough 1984 was a free copy handed out with Time Out in celebration of the new theatre production of the story on the SAME DAY I saw the play on stage, such a strange coincidence (maybe Big Brother was watching me?). The play was incredibly intense and so good and it's made me want to re-read the novel, which I now can :)

I have also received some brilliant review books recently, all of which I've finished pretty much the same day I got them - they were THAT good! I particularly recommend Waiting For Doggo - an endearing tale of an unlikely friendship - and The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me - which was surprisingly brilliant considering I wasn't a fan of Lucy Robinsons' previous novel. Full reviews will be up soon!

Have you guys read any of the above titles yet? And what are the best books you've read this month?


  1. I'm not familiar with most of these books, but I really hope you enjoy them! It sounds like you're pretty excited about them all! Have a great week!

    SP & STS
    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  2. I haven't read any of these but your glowing reports make me want to add some to my TBR mountain. Come see what I got at Ms. Martin Teaches Media and Inside of a Dog. Happy reading!

  3. Looks likes some great books this week. So funny about getting 1984 just as you're wanting to reread it. Love it when things work out like that! Have a great week!

  4. Fantastic book haul! They're all new to me except for 1984. I want to read them all!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy reading!

  5. After you telling me about Doggo! I really want to read even more! And love the cover of Apocalypse next tuesday! Enjoy :)

  6. I have heard of a few of those books but most of them are new to me titles. I hope you enjoy them


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